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  • My favorite show of all time, and I don't bestow that title lightly.

    I shouldn't be admitting this, but when Roswell originally aired it took my wife ten episodes to get me to watch. Once I did, I was kicking myself I hadn't been on board from day one, and not just because she insisted on gloating each and every day after. Up until about halfway through the second season, there is no show that captured and so completely engrossed me as this one. Seriously, if the show were a woman, I would have married her immediately and remained faithful for fifty glorious years, finally dying holding her hand like a scene from "The Notebook". I really did fall in love with every aspect of Roswell, from the often crazy and always kooky sci fi story lines, to the perfect music that seemed to settle around each scene, framing it and raising it to another level.(Any show that has Sarah Mclachlan's "Fear", Dave Mathews Band's "Crash Into Me", and of course Dido's "Here With Me" all in the first episode already has me hooked) But what set the show apart was the romance - the quick but so incredibly intense looks shared between characters each and every episode or the flashes of a thousand years spent together each time they kissed or even brushed against one another. The writers skillfully took full advantage of the concept that half the characters were aliens to amp up the love stories, while also often amping up the angst in the process. There is a Romeo and Juliet feel to the relationship between alien Max and human Liz right from the beginning. As the story progresses it's impossible not to enjoy watching them fall in love even as they face obstacle after obstacle. The second human/alien couple, Michael and Maria, have personalities that clash in all the best possible ways and allow the writers to explore completely different but just as rewarding character development as a result. The two couples could not be more different, but compliment one another for exactly this reason. When you add in the remaining family and friends, you have a group of people you can't help but both identify with and care about, even as your watch them care for each other. I really do love this show with all my heart. If I were Bill Gates rich I would immediately reassemble the cast and start filming tomorrow, although I would insist upon rewriting the story beginning with where my favorite episode, "The End of the World", leaves off, and where in my estimation the show got away from some of what made it so wonderful. Needless to say, my wife continues to taunt that it was she who discovered this series, as well as Veronica Mars. I suppose I shouldn't complain, but ought to instead be excited to find out what she's picked for me this season. As always I will be watching dutifully, grasping everywhere for some semblance of the elements that made me fall so hard for Roswell.
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