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  • Teen angst masquerading as scifi.

    I watched Roswell for two reasons. One I usually try and give all scifi/fantasy shows a chance because I'm always feel like I am searching for something to replace the void left by Buffy, Angel, and Firefly/. Two, it comes from the same time and network that gave us Buffy and Angel (amoung other great WB shows). But I just don't get it. I mean human/alien hybrids. It's not that I don't understand it but they way the show is constructed it is really unbelieveable, at least in my eyes. Especially because they seem to lead such human like lives. I understand that Max, Michael, and Isabelle (excuse the spelling if I got the names wrong) have been on earth for awhile but they seem a little to human to me. And underneath all the scifi stuff this is one of the shows filled with all the teenage angst stuff that I do not like and I'm not talking about the kind of teenage stuff that you can find on Dawson's Creek or Everwood (the good kind). I don't like teen angst in the least, especially when they try and cover it up with a scifi plot. The only thing I do like about this show is Max and Liz, they have a really natural chemistry and are quite cute together but that can not be expected to carry a show. However, I could see where if you liked that sort of thing you could get easily addicted to this show. I watched a couple episodes to see if there was any improvement but needless to say I wasn't impressed. The only reason I could keep going was Max and Liz, they were interesting on screen together.
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