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  • This is one of the best shows ever! Just watch and see it for yourself. Great characters, interesting story, amazing scenes. Just try! I did and I just loved it.

    This is one of the best shows ever!
    I just finished watching Roswell and I needed to come here, so say something.
    Most people can look at this show and think "oh another alien tv show", Roswell is more than that.

    It is about fears, joys, honesty, survival, relationships, future, finding your path, discover your past and so on...
    What I like the most about this show is the fact that I get emotional, I like their feelings and that's one of the things I like in TV show or movies, I want to be moved. I show that doesn't make you cry or smile or even scream is not my type of show. I need to feel something to like it and this show gave me that. Right now I sad because it's over but it was great, I had a great time re-watching some of the episodes and seeing others for the first time, this time nothing escaped. I also liked the way they made the special effects, they were good, simple, effective, nothing like those normal big non realistic effects we use to see.

    I'm happy and sad at the same time, I'm glad I saw this show again and I'll see it again someday but I'm sad it's over, I'm always sad when something I like is over.

    Just to rap this up, you should see this show. Not because it's just a TV show but because you are going to love it, the funny moments, the sad ones, the intense ones and you can see the chemistry between the characters. The story doesn't stop evolving and there are always new discoveries to be made. Just watch and see it for yourself.