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  • I know it has its faults and people often judge it unfairly (particularly those people who claim to love Smallville but hate Roswell)but what I have for this show is just utter love, no other way to describe it.

    This is, and always will be my all time favourite show. So much so that when watching 'Smallville' for the pleasure of seeing Jensen Ackles flash his beautiful smile I feel like I am cheating on 'Roswell'. Yes it is far from perfect, but I think its flaws are also one of my favourite things about it.
    The characterisation is just spectacular, I blame the character of Alex for my unbelievably weird love for Colin Hanks (a pleasure that living in the UK also doesn't come cheap thanks to Colin's obsession with making small independent movies which never get released in this country lol) and it is the bonds between the characters that also just draws me into this world. The relationship between Max, Michael and Isabel, and then the later addition of Tess. And looking at how much these character change and develop once the humans enter their world. Watching the development of the relationships throughout all three seasons is amazing, especially because each one is just so individual. Michael's utter change from feeling like he doesn't belong anywhere on the earth, to deciding he has to stay on earth because he can't leave Maria. Max and Liz's struggle to overcome his role and destiny to be together, Izzy's reluctance to admit how she really feels about Alex until it is too late, a mistake she doesn't let happen when it comes to Jesse. Kyle's bond with Tess and the utter realisation that it was all a farce on her side when he discovers what she did, what she forced him to help her do. Valenti's bond with all the teens - whether it be his son, humans, or aliens he will give up everyhting for them. The sweet and gentle friendship between Alex, Maria and Liz, and the later friendship between Izzy and Kyle, a bond merged out of grief, resentment at Max, and the realsiation that Tess betrayed them in similar ways. It really is just a great story to follow, with tragic losses, great rewards, and a few laughs, some of which include strips and nipples, being buired underground and singing American Pie, Buddha and seeing what happens to aliens if they get drunk!