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  • I'll never forget Roswell.

    This show really should have lasted longer. Never have I loved a television couple more than I loved the relationship between Max and Liz. In fact, the bonds between ALL the characters on this show are the reason I tuned in week after week. The chemistry between Appleby and Behr is undeniable and their tragic, epic love affair rivaled that of other primetime supercouples. Even Buffy and Angel couldn't compare to Max and Liz. Has anything ever been romantic than the moment Max healed Liz? Has anything ever been more poignant than the day Michael decided that life with Maria was more important than going home to Antar? Has anything been more tragic than the look on Max's face when he finally understood the depth of Tess' betrayal? Has anyone ever felt more bereft and alone than Izzie did when she lost Alex, only moments after finally finding him? Has any family ever experienced the heartbreak that the Valenti's felt after losing Tess?

    The answer is yes. Yes, we have all felt betrayed, bereft, heartbroken, alone. And we have all, in some form or another, experienced joy, love, sacrifice... and that's what made Roswell so brilliant. Because it brought these emotions into our homes each week, and the actors portrayed them with truth and eloquence. Acting is about truth and writing is about life. Roswell may have been a show about aliens, but it was an exercise in humanity.
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