Season 3 Episode 3

Significant Others

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2001 on The WB

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  • Isabel makes a very important desicion

    This episode introduces the whole story line which follows the marriage of Jesse and Isabel which at one time is not something I approve of, but at the same time was important for the development of this season. There is a time in every teen based drama that an entirely unrealistic marriage takes place (reference One Tree Hill) but this was better because he is older and they were trying to make Isabel more mature this season with the hair and her being in college. Back to my point I like that she is finally taking risks and going after something that she wants. The scenes with Alex were also very sweet and it was nice to see them have their final goodbye. They were really good together in this episode although it made me really angry when Micheal and Max just told her to lie when they both have girlfriends who know their secret and can't understand what she is going through. And quickly to the rest of them, Max and Liz were cute and bearable in this episode and it is nice to see the progression happen with her father. And as always Micheal and Maria were really funny and I really like the incorporation of his buddies from work into the show.
  • Isabel visits Jesse's dreams and learn that he plans on proposing to her.

    Although this episode is not only focused on Jesse proposing, it's the main ''event''. Colin Hanks saves this average episode by appearing as Alex's ghost who gives his blessings to Isabel.

    This episode also focuses on Maria and Michael. Michael has new friends from his job and he has a great time with them, which interferes with his relationship with Maria. But all ends well as Maria acts as the perfect girlfriend who understands. Michael really doesn't deserve her. Lucky for him the Roswell script writers don't want to ruin this couple.

    The problem with this episode is that it's too focused on relationships and not enough on the alien stuff. I'm watching Roswell, not Dawson's Creek.
  • In this episode everybody deals with problems in their relationship and Isabel and Jesse get engaged

    This is a really good episode that features a lot of character development.
    All the scenes with Jess and Isable were really great in this episode and by the end i was really happy to see them together and the whole engagment was kind of hilarious. Alex coming back was really sad too, because he finally issued his final goodbye to isabel and really to the show. Also the thing with Maria and Michel was really funny and they both started acting a little less selfish in this episode and the whole thing at the bowling ally was perfect at classic Michel
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