Season 1 Episode 13

The Convention

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2000 on The WB

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  • Normal advancement of the series. A few interesting scenes.

    Seeing I am a big time Trekkie, I was surprised to see Jonathan Frakes step from behind the camera to back in front for an episode. I like the way Max being his personal assistant and going out of his way to please him. The alien convention which happens in real life was a nice touch to also be included. While the events of the first episode set the series in motion with all the main characters. It was an interesting move by the writers to include an eye witness to the first every scene and how they evolved away from Roswell. The mystery with the shape shifter deepens with the final few minutes of the episode.
  • A Homecoming of sorts to Roswell

    This episode has a lot of good different elements. Larry and Jennifer coming back is a really nice touch and the bonding that occurs between Jennifer and Liz over the men in their lives is really clever and a nice comparison between human and alien relationships. Max is really great in this episode and I love how he asks Micheal at the beginning about what he can to get his mind off Liz and then he throws himself into the convention and Frakes is so funny in this episode as the sci-fi attraction. Then Hubbel comes in and this episode takes on new dimensions as the story unravels about the photographs with the silver hand prints and then when it is his wife and child that are killed by Nasedo you feel for him. Then when Valenti comes to save Max and Micheal it is a new development in his character that shows he would be open to helping them instead of just chasing them.
  • The UFO convention has arrived in Roswell and the couple who witnessed Liz getting shot are back.

    This episode was really interesting, seeing how it is spanning over three days. The couple from the pilot episode are back and reveals the secret of Max healing Liz at the convention. The fourth alien is talked about again when Hubble shows Valenti various photos of dead bodies. So far this season has been good with a few mysteries that i am looking forward to finding out. This episode was good from the very start to the climatic finish. This episode had everything in it that i love about Roswell, the mystery, the romance and the drama. Looking forward to seeing the next episode. Great episode!!
  • UFO freaks are gathering in Roswell... event that'll make a lot of troubles for Max and Jim Valenti.

    So, all of the UFO freaks are on the one place. Larry and Jennifer are back, and although Jennifer is sick of chasing aliens, Larry wants to tell everyone about the healing Max did on Liz. Also, alien "bounty hunter" Hub is in town. He's an old friend of Valenti Sr., and also a man Jim holds responsible for his fathers arrest. Hub is looking for a alien that killed his wife, and Larry's story and few details from Valenti convinces him that this alien is Max. Even though he spends all the time chasing Max, and hoping to find out his secret Jim is forced to realise that he made a mistake, and to cover for Max and Michael.
    The sweetest moment in this episode was Maria's and Michael's kiss, after he helped her mother, and the funniest girls and Alex talk in Crashdown... Maria, Amy, Liz and Jennifer rock it. Isabel is only in two scenes... while the guys are doing fun things with girls (basicly make-up/break-up), she is being Isabel: she loves her Mommy, and she's torturing Alex.
  • A knowing look at what's going on...

    Roswell is overrun with conventioneers all wanting a piece of the supposed alien action. Even Max is roped in to dress as an alien - complete with buggy eyes and big hands. Of course nobody is aware that there are actual aliens anywhere near.

    It's a good episode that brings Valenti even more into the proceedings. It's a mix of comedy and adventure. Johnathan Frakes does a good job of taking the whatsit out of himself, and the whole episode reeks of that slightly unworldly, bizarre concept that is any convention. The introduction of Hubble is a little weird, but again it pushes the story along to a conclusion that is slightly unexpected. The use of Valenti's backstory with his father is cleverly done and the injustice of what happened to him explored. It also gives us a good intro to Nasedo and what he might be about.
  • This episode reveals Valenti's background.

    There is a UFO convention in Roswell and it attracts several people. First the witness from the first episode is back. (Yes the guy from Alias)

    This episode is quite fun to watch. The scenes where the celebrity is just tired to participate in this event are quite entertaining. ''Where my suite? Where are the other celebrities?''

    The flashback scenes are well done (I liked seeing those old cars) and the end is very dramatic. If you think about it, Hub dies exactly where his wife died. And it's a nice change to see Valenti actually taking the side of trio.
  • The freaks and geeks come out to play.

    "The Convention" proves that Roswell can poke fun at itself, its genre and still tell an interesting and compelling story. It's that time of year when the Roswell UFO Museum holds its annual shindig with sci - fi guests like Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes (also an executive producer of Roswell) and folks in silly costumes. Max's part-time job there puts him in contact with some of the weird folks and with an alien hunter who believes that he is, not only an alien but a different alien that may have killed his wife in 1959. . . . . . .