Season 2 Episode 5

The End of the World

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2000 on The WB
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An older Max travels from the future (2014 to be exact) to tell Liz that their relationship will imperil his planet and together they devise a plan to change the future: by making present Max fall out of love with Liz. Not an easy task until Liz tricks Max into believing she slept with Kyle.


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  • A future from of Max comes to Liz for help- to make present Max fall out of love with her, in order to save the world in the future.

    There were a lot of ways I could have classified this episode, but I think that 'tearjerker' is the most accurate. It certainly had me in tears, and I knew exactly what was going to happen before the episode even started.

    Personally, I think that if an episode can make you cry even when you know the ending then it there has to be great credit given to the writers and most certainly to the actors. Present Max's reaction to seeing Liz and Kyle in bed together was absolutely heartbreaking to watch, as was the end where Liz asked Future Max to dance with her since she wasn't going to get her wedding dance. That was sad. The whole episode just showed how much Max truly loves Liz, from his cheesy wooing at the beginning, to his persistance at persuing her despite her protests and of course his reaction to Liz and Kyle. The only thing that I disliked about this episode, and of course it was bound to happen, it was the point of the episode after all, was that Max and Tess grew closer together. While it was inevitable it still hurt to see them together. An absolutely amazing episode, among the best of the series.moreless
  • A future Max has to go back in time and make himself fall out of love with Liz in order to save the world.

    Future Max (from the year 2014) has the fate of the world in his hands, and it's all about to come to an end. The future Earth is being invaded, taken over, and destroyed, and the only way for Max to stop it is to travel back in time (to the present) and fall out of love with Liz. When he travels back he explains the delimma to Liz. Liz and Max's relationship made Tess jealous, and as a result, she left Roswell, and the royal four lost some of it's power. Because of this, they weren't able to protect the Earth from destruction. So future Max tells Liz that they have to find a way to make him fall out of love with Liz and fall IN love with Tess. After many failed attempts, Liz comes up with a deviant plan to make Max think that she and Kyle had sex together. This crushes Max, and before you know it, he falls out of love with her and begins growing closer to Tess.

    This was a remarkable episode. The idea of traveling back in time and changing the past is intriguing in itself. And the off again/on again romance between Max and Liz seems to be on it's way to recovery, until Max is forced to fall out of love with her. It's very bittersweet, as we know these two are destined to be together. Future Max tells Liz of the life they share together in the future. How they become inseperable and get married at 19. But changing the past will prevent any of this from happening, and that's both tragic and pivotal to their relationship.moreless
  • The future brings bad news to the past.

    This episode pulls off the future coming back very well. Future Max is great and so similar to present Max that it is really funny (I love the graying line), but he comes with a near unreasonable request when he asks Liz to make present Max fall out of love with her. Kyle and Tess are really great in this episode and I wished he had trimmed her lamp because they had a nice type of chemistry in this episode. When Liz comes to talk to her and they form their plan I really like how they did it with the top and the book, but when Max catches her and comes in it is just hilarious. A quick note to Micheal and Maria who are at their best in this episode as Madame Vivian pegs him correctly as being very volatile and in this episode not very faithful either. The whole drama with Courtney and the lotion is really great in this episode.

    Back to Max and Liz, when Max reveals that they would sleep together soon and then Maria comes in with her Micheal story when she decides to pretend to sleep with Kyle.

    The reaction of future Max to her plan is great as he plays the protective boyfriend (or husband) to her. Then Kyle is very sweet during their fake sex session and when Max walks in it is heart breaking. Then future Max disappears when they are dancing and everything has changed.moreless
  • It's over, it's really over between Max and Liz...

    One relationship will have a chain reaction that will end in the destruction of mankind. This one relationship is between Max and Liz. This is the news that future Max informs present day Liz. Now they have to set out to change the future. Make present day Max get together with Tess, because she is critical in the survival of the royal four, and make Liz fall out of love with Max. Maybe even get Liz together with Kyle?

    It's a great episode! Full of twists, and heartache - not something you find in normal episodes. It sets the mood for the episodes to follow. We know that Max and Liz may not be together, so it's interesting to see some of the other relationships develop. Even better is having TWO Max's in one episode!

    However, having watched the rest of the series, we know Max and Liz DO end up together. So does that mean that the future of mankind is doomed? Or because Tess stuck around for longer, and Alex gets killed off, is that enough change to save mankind?moreless
  • Max and Liz have to stop seeing each other to save their friends lives and keep Tess from leaving Roswell. So Liz has to alter the future events, and put everyone elses needs above her own. Mighty strong gal, Max was a real looker.moreless

    SO Future Max comes to tell Liz that 14 yrs from then they are overtaken by their enemies b/c Tess left. Why did Tess leave? B/c Max and Liz "cemented" their relationship and nothing could break them. Although Im not a Max/Tess supporter, this eppy was def needed. It created all the necessary drama between the 3 in the coming episodes. The scene where Max sees Liz and Kyle was so heartbreaking, you could feel how deeply hurt he was. But the funniest line- Kyle: "ever since he healed me, I keep getting these flashes of Max Evans naked" haha ;)moreless
Jason Behr

Jason Behr

'Max' Maxwell Evans

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby

'Liz' Elizabeth Parker Evans

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez

Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino

Maria DeLuca

Brendan Fehr

Brendan Fehr

Michael Guerin

Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks

Alex Charles Whitman (Season 1-2)

Winnie Holzman

Winnie Holzman

Madame Vivian

Guest Star

John Doe

John Doe

Jeff Parker

Recurring Role

Sara Downing

Sara Downing


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • While Max and Liz still ended up together Future Max did change the future in several ways. The main ones being that Tess stayed longer, Max got a son and Alex died. This is proven because Tess stayed longer since Max and Liz weren't together and thus was forced to use her powers on Alex which didn't happen in the original timeline since Alex apparently also went with the group when Max and Liz eloped.

    • TRIVIA: Future Max explains that if he and Liz stayed together, Tess would leave town, Max and Liz would marry in Vegas and, somewhere along the line, Isabel and Michael would be killed.

    • When Alex storms into Michael's apartment to yell at him about Maria, Michael closes the door behind him. Then, only seconds later, the door is wide open just before Alex punches Michael.

    • When Michael drops Courtney off at her house, she gets off the motorbike twice.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Future Max: 3... 2... 1.
      Liz: Well?
      Future Max: I said approximately.

    • Maria (talking to Michael): Some stupid psychic told me that the next 48 hours are critical, so could you just try not to be a bonehead, is that like a possibility?

    • Madame Vivian (about Michael): This boy - very volatile.
      Maria: That's good for sex, right?

    • Liz: I just re-read Romeo and Juliet, and you know the first thing that I realized is that isn't even the title. It's called The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. They die. You know she's this young girl. She...she's younger than me and she dies. Look I think the reason why people think that it's such a romantic play is they don't know what it's like to be put in that position. But when your life, and other people's lives are put at risk there isn't anything romantic about it. Max, you can't stop what's happening to you. I mean your life will always be dangerous. But my doesn't have to be. My life is only in danger if I am with you. I want to be in love with boys. Normal boys. I want to see my 21st birthday. I want to have a wedding day. I want to have children, and I want my children to be safe. You know Max, if... just if you truly love me you'll let me go. I may love you, but I don't want to die for you.

    • Maria (about Madame Vivian): She'll tell us where our future lies with our hybrid freaks. She's a prophet. My mom lives her whole life based on her advice.
      Alex: And this is a recommendation?

    • Alex (about Maria): Look, I don't care that you've got 30 pounds on me, or...or that you can kill me with some...some twisted alien power! I will not let you treat her like that! I don't care that Isabel treats me like crap, but no one does that to Maria alright. She's not just some girl!
      Michael: You gotta believe me, I have nothing... (Courtney appears at the door)
      Courtney: Knock, knock.
      (Alex punches Michael, knocking him to the floor)
      Michael: You realized that you just risked your life.
      Alex: Yeah.
      Michael: You're a really good friend, man.
      Alex: Call me that again and I'll really kick your ass.

    • Liz (after seeing Future Max for the first time): No, you're not Max! Ok,'re like a shape are like some other kind of alien with the ability to look like Max with that beard, and those...and those grey hairs.
      Future Max: Do you really see grey?

    • Liz: I'm so confused.
      Alex: I'm so depressed.
      Maria: Wimps.
      Liz: Max keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again. But I know it can never work out.
      Alex: Isabel...she gave me another one of those "Alex you're such a great friend" speeches, it made me want to puke.
      Maria: I have Michael Guerin. He's mine. You should've seen his face when he apologized to me. His eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all... I think.

    • Kyle: In order to trim the lamp of wisdom we must first attend to our bodily needs.
      Tess: Let me tell you something, Buddha-boy. I got a lamp that needs some serious trimming.
      (the doorbell rings)
      Kyle: F-F-F--
      Liz: Hi.
      Kyle: Well, you here for a reason or you just rushed over 'cause you sensed I might be experiencing some actual joy?
      Liz: Oh, actually, I need to talk to Tess.
      Tess (to Kyle): We'll finish trimming my lamp later.
      Kyle: Right. I'll keep my equipment on the ready.

    • Maria (to Liz): Granted, Michael is the world's worst boyfriend. I know that, you know that…America knows that.

    • Kyle (to Tess): I thought I told you I didn't want you doing that Bewitched crap in the house?

    • Tess (to Liz): You hate me. You all do. Don't you think I know that?

    • Liz: How's it going?
      Kyle: Not bad. I found Buddha.

    • Liz (to Future Max): You're the love of my life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you.

    • Future Max (to Liz): I need you to help me fall out of love with you.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Kyle: I thought I told you I didn't want you doing that Bewitched crap in the house.
      This is a reference to the TV show Bewitched, which was about a housewife/witch named Samantha, who was married to a human named Darren.