Season 3 Episode 6

To Have and To Hold

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2001 on The WB

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  • Isabel gets married.

    There are some really good moments in this episode and a lot of just blah moments as well. Let me start by saying that the wedding was really sweet and I'm happy for Isabel and it was nice when her parents came although her mother brought her a really ugly dress (and why if Isabel couldn't get a dress in time just use her powers to transform the thrift store find?). I really like the bachelor party in this episode and the fight that begins between Kyle, Micheal and the statistician, that line is really classic. The Kivar thing that begins in this episode ties up some loose ends but I really didn't like it. I also like the Kyle/Isabel thing that becomes apparent in this episode.
  • As Isabel's wedding is only a few days away, Max investigates Jesse.

    It's an average wedding episode. There are some good moments here and there but the Vilandra flashbacks are really boring. They try to show how Iz still has feelings for Kivar but it's done in a pretty unimaginative way. The highlight of this episode is the cliffhanger end.

    Also, another good moments is Jesse's bachelor party. Max investigates everyone, Kyle uses Michael to give to someone he hates a lesson. The whole thing ends up in a brawl and Max ends up punching Jesse in the face.

    He later heals him and tries sloppishly to hide his real power.
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