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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • We learn that the aliens are able to change molecular structure of basically anything. If so, why would Max not "fix" the bullet hole on Liz' dress, thus removing proof that she was actually shot?

  • When Max healed Liz at the beginning of the episode he had his right hand under her neck and used his left hand to heal her. His thumb was pointed upwards toward her head. Later when Liz showed Max the hand print on her stomach it was a right-handed print with the thumb pointing downward. The hand print was also wrong when Kyle accidentally saw it when he took Liz home.

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
    -Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
    -Fear by Sarah McLachlan
    -I Think I'm Paranoid by Garbage
    -Boys On The Radio by Hole
    -Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter
    -Shake It by The Hippos -Hallucination Generation by Hexx
    -Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band
    -Pick A Part That's New by Stereophonics
    -Take A Picture by Filter
    -Novacane by Beck
    -Torn by Creed
    -Colorblind by Counting Crows
    -All I Really Want by Goldo

  • TRIVIA: The powers used in this episode:
    -Max heals Liz's bullet wound, thus saving her life. He is considerably drained by the act to the verge of near collapse, but is able to run out of the Crashdown with vigor.
    -Max's cells are very much alive when Liz views them under the microscope, as opposed to hers. This may suggest regenerative powers.
    -Isabel heats up a taco with the palm of her hand.
    -On the trip back from eating, Isabel is playing a CD by having it close to her ear.
    -Max induces a vision for Liz to see into his past.
    -Max changed the molecular structure of a clay sculpture to appear blank before changing it back.

  • TRIVIA: The part where Max raises his finger to tell Liz where he's from originated from the TV series The X-Files. David Nutter worked on the show and in the episode "Little Green Men". Mike Gomez did a similar thing.

  • When Max's hand is first seen on her belly before healing Liz, there is blood in his nail. Yet later his hand is shown in many shots, and the blood has disappeared.

  • At the start of the episode, Liz says that it's September 23rd and five days ago she died. Then, at the end, she says that it's September 24th and five days ago she died, but wouldn't it be six days by then?

  • TRIVIA: This is the only episode of Roswell that didn't include opening credits.

  • TRIVIA: Max is the first character on the show to use his powers, when he healed Liz.

  • Liz's initial quote - which is a fantastic opening to anything - 'five days ago I died, then things got really weird' is actually completely inaccurate. Max didn't bring her back to life; he was able to save her from a potential death - he's telling her all the time that she has to look at him, which she patently couldn't do if she were already dead.

  • Just after Max has 'cured' Liz at the restaurant, we see what was a rapidly growing blood pool on her stomach reduced to an almost dried up smear. Yet in the shot that immediately follows there is significantly more blood on her than there was after the cure.

  • In this episode Max heals Liz at the diner and she has blood/ketchup on her bra but later when she looks at her stomach in the mirror, there is not a blood/ketchup spot on her bra.

  • The order pad that Maria shows Liz in the bathroom has her blood on it. But according to Maria the shooting occured the day before, so the blood would have had time to dry and change colors (from red to a reddish-brown), but it doesn't. It appears red and sticky, almost as if it were fresh.

  • Kyle has an earring on both ears, but in the next episode they're never seen again.

  • Max tells Liz that the Evans found him and Isabel walking alone along the highway at night. Then wouldn't the Evans' have taken Max and Isabel to the hospital to see if they were healthy - including testing the kids' blood?

  • Max says that he healed Liz by "manipulating the molecular structure of things." But if that's true, why can't the other aliens heal people? All of them have the ability to manipulate the molecular structure of things.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Morning After

  • When Michael is dangling from the grate over the Sheriff's office window, there is a safety line visible running between his legs and up over his butt.

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
    -My Favorite Game by The Cardigans
    -Blank Page by Smashing Pumpkins
    -Ladyshave by Gus Gus
    -I Never Thought That You Would Come by Loni Rose
    -Honestly OK by Dido

  • TRIVIA: The powers used in this episode:
    -Michael busts the lock using his hand on the barred window to get into the police station. Isabel mentions he doesn't know how to control his powers just beforehand.
    -When Michael touches the key from the coffee container, he has a sporadic vision of a geodesic dome.
    -Max is able to repair the lock on the barred window to its original configuration (even though he had not seen the lock unscathed beforehand).

  • When Topolski is taking attendance she stops at Michael to ask if anyone knows his whereabouts but afterwards she doesn't even finish the list, even though more than half of the students haven't been called off. This was very suspicious, but because no one talks about this afterwards it may have been a mistake.

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