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  • Season 1 Episode 22: Destiny (2)

  • When Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess go to recover Nasedo's body and Isabel hits one of the agents, the sounds that are heard don't match her actions.

  • The agent chasing Liz and Max at the bridge in the beginning abruptly switches from the left lane to the right.

  • Throughout the scene where Max interrogates Pierce, the projector changes slides at irregular intervals with no one touching it.

  • At the end of the episode, Michael suddenly appears next to Max without any footsteps on the gravel like Max's and Liz's.

  • When Max and Liz climb out of the river at the beginning, they walk through one of two large drainage pipes next to each other. There is only one pipe on the other side.

  • When Valenti and Michael see Max and Liz running from the red jeep and the camera angle changes to inside Valenti's car, the car isn't moving - the ground in front can be seen to be stationary. In the next shot it shows Valenti's car just slowing down to stop.

  • Nasedo assumes the form of Pierce, yet it was already established the special unit has sensors capable of detecting Nasedo's different bone structure.

  • Pierce seems to be in pretty good shape for someone who was shot 6" from his heart.

  • After Max and Liz jump into the water 2 of the men hunting them run to the edge of the bridge and look down, but there is no change in the water's movement. Wouldn't their impact have made some kind of change in the water's surface?

  • When Kyle was shot and Max healed him, there was no trace of blood, just the hole in his tee-shirt. When he healed Liz there was blood still on her body and clothing. Also Max ripped open Liz's shirt to see the wound, but he did not for Kyle.

  • Liz and Max jump off a high bridge into the water below but when they later come out of the river, their hair is not even a little wet.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: The White Room (1)

  • TRIVIA: In this episode it's shown that Max and Isabel live at 6025 Murray Lane.

  • While Isabel & Alex are on Liz's bed in the background a Star of David is visible. This might mean Liz is Jewish or might refer to Shiri Appleby who in fact is Jewish.

  • After Nasedo changes Michael's clothes into the FBI suit, the camera switches to a shot from behind Michael and he is wearing his jean jacket again.

  • When Isabel is in hysterics after she enters Max's mind to help locate him, Michael is holding her head in his hands. His hands abruptly vanish when she finishes talking about Pierce.

  • As Michael, Isabel, and Tess are observing the hand scanner, the door and the agent using it move exactly the same way twice: once after he opens the door and again on a closeup on the scanner. Both times the agent steps to the left and the door begins to open.

  • In the morgue, Michael flies back and hits the door twice.

  • After Nasedo reveals himself in the morgue, there is a shot on Michael's face. There is no sound, but Nasedo can be seen in the foreground either talking animatedly or having an extremely localized seizure.

  • After Max charges Pierce against the wall of the White Room, his hands change from gripping Pierce's jacket to merely set against his chest.

  • In the scene where Pierce uses the VR goggles on Max, Max lowers his head while Pierce is talking to him, but the next shot over Max's shoulder shows that he hasn't moved at all.

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