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  • Season 3 Episode 13: Panacea

  • When Michael is talking to Meris Wheeler, the camera cuts to a close up of Michael, and his mouth moving yet no sound is heard.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: Ch-Ch-Changes

  • When Liz is looking in the mirror and her face disappears her hair is straight down, but in the mirror is over her right shoulder. In another shot her hair in the mirror is over her left shoulder.

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode - -Paradise by the Dashboard Light sung by Majandra Delfino and William Sadler
    -Long AS U Love by Astropuppes
    -Strange Condition by Pete Yorn
    -Behavior by Majandra Delfino
    -Everything I Own by Jude
    -The Door by Turin Brakes
    -Summer Dress 1 by Plus/Minus
    -More Than Us by Travis

  • When Max and Liz are in the bleachers, the color of the flags the parade corps are practicing with changes, as does the color of their sweaters. At the begining of the scene it is scattered yellow and purple flags, where everyone holding a purple flag is wearing a yellow shirt and vice versa. However at the end of the scene everyone is wearing yellow and holding a purple flag.

  • TRIVIA: The writers of this episode, Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts, also co-wrote the 2001 movie Valentine, in which Katherine Heigl appeared.

  • When Liz is on the bleachers and Max shows up with a book for her, he hands her the book but in the very next shot Max is holding the book again.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: I Married An Alien

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
    -Everybody Dance Now by C&C Music Factory
    -She's Expensive by Dee
    -I Touch Myself by Divinyls
    -Thanks For Nothing by Shotgun Vegas
    -Chains by Mercury Rev
    -Do It All Over Again by Spiritualized
    -Western Sun by Man Of The Year

  • When Isabel and Michael are speaking on the phone and the screen splits, an earphone is visible in sitcom-Michael's ear as he hangs up.

  • This is one of only two episodes that had the word "Alien" in the title.

  • TRIVIA: In this episode the credits roll at the very start; this has never happened on the series before.

  • TRIVIA: It's stated in this episode that Jesse met Isabel on his birthday, July 5th.

  • When Isabel makes the loaf of bread fly off the top of the refrigerator the strings are plainly visible. This is also true for the sausages and the shutting of the pizza box after the pizza has been put in. However, due to the hokey nature of the sitcom side of the episode, this special effects mistake may have been intentional or at least intentionally left in as it often happened in Bewitched.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: A Tale of Two Parties

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
    -Totally Yours by John Doe
    -I've Been Lookin' for a Heartache Like You by William Sadler and The Kit Shickers
    -You Wanted Someone To Play With originally recorded by Frankie Laine; artist unknown
    -All The Days by FM Static
    -On The On And Up by Beston
    -Twilight by Blueberry
    -Auld Lang Syne
    -East of Eden by 60 Cycle Hum
    -Get This Party Started by Toby Mac
    -Wear Me Down Wide Awake Bored by Treble Charger
    -Baby Cool Your Jets by Jet Set Satellite
    -The Life by Mystic
    -Stand by Monet
    -Underdog by Turin Brakes
    -A Dream for Us by The Appleseed Cast
    -Music Becomes Vibration by The Witch Hazel Sound
    -Smile Fading Fast by Boo Radleys
    -Staying Alive by POD

  • When the frat boys are cheering Max and carrying him around, just before they put him down Maria is shown behind him at the wall, waiting to talk to him. When the shot changes and the frat boys are walking away Maria again walks up to him.

  • TRIVIA: Much like Max in the episode "Blind Date" Michael's powers go crazy when he drinks. This time his senses are magnified to a greater degree.

  • TRIVIA: This is the only episode written by Melinda Metz, who wrote the original Roswell books series that the show is based on.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Samuel Rising

  • When Rebecca and Warren are talking to Samuel's doctor, Rebecca says that she heard Samuel speak, but in the scene when Samuel talks to Max - she doesn't hear him, as she says "That's impossible. My son never speaks."

  • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
    -Holly Jolly Christmas by Olds 97's
    -Swingle Bells by Brad Hatfield
    -Christmas Day by Dido
    -Jingle Bells by The Honeydippers
    -O Little Town of Bethlehem by Hangnail
    -Silent Night by Gypsy Soul
    -The First Noel by Gypsy Soul
    -Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Tori Amos

  • This episode marks the last time we see Isabel using her dreamwalking power on Roswell.

  • TRIVIA: This is the third time it has snowed on the series - twice while Max and Liz were together holding hands and once when Isabel made it snow to cheer Max up.

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