Season 2 Episode 12

We Are Family

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2001 on The WB

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  • Kyle: As far as I can see, you're the only good thing about having an alien in my life. Tess: Kyle? Kyle: What? Tess: You're definitely my favorite human. Kyle: Yeah, well... you're my favorite Martian.

    I really like the Valenti family plus Tess in this episode. Jim's firing from the Sheriff office takes the toll on him and his family quickly and the whole bat making scene is so subtle and sad that it really hits you emotionally. Kyle's speech is also really good about the aliens coming in and ruining his life which is true on one hand and selfish on the other. Then when Tess decides that he wants her to leave and Kyle reveals that she is part of the family that he is trying to protect it is an all around touching moment.
    Crazy Laurie is also wreaking havoc on everyones life as she freaks out when she sees Micheal and threatens their secret in front of the FBI. An overall good episode that starts this really intriguing story arc.
  • Episode two in the Laurie DuPree arc.

    So what I thought was just a stand-alone episode has turned into an awesome four episode arc. I feel like quite a fool now. But nevertheless, this is a solid episode. It continues the story of Laurie DuPree without revealing too much just yet. Sheriff Valenti loses his job in this episode which really seems to shake him up. There are so many twists in turns in this episode, it is sometimes hard to keep up, but at the end of the day you really appreciate the brilliance this episode and series holds. This is one of the better Roswell episodes for sure.
  • Now that they found the girl, more questions rise as to her origins.

    So the girl is a complete nutter and they have an hard time of getting to her. It's weird how this season the episodes are more linked with eachother, there is very stand alones. Most big networks don't like this too much but it really helps with the quality of the show. So this episode is pretty much the sequel to last week's episode.

    Also Alex, Colin Hanks, is now back. He hasn't been on the show a lot lately. It seems Alex was in Sweden and he is very different. First off, he's no longer after Isabel. He seems to have moved on. The return of Colin Hanks is a good thing for this show. His presence really adds a lot. Also, it's not very noticeable, but there are some major events set in motion right now off-screen. As Maria will later say ''the key to everything is there''.

    The episode ends with Michael discovering a picture of the crazy girl's grandfather who looks exactly like him. Which is why she yelled at him ''you're dead'' in the previous episode.
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