Season 3 Episode 15

Who Died and Made You King?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2002 on The WB

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  • The Max and Michael fight was awesome and id been waiting for that scene the whole 3 seasons

    I did like this episode a lot and thought it was probably one of the best this season. The fight scene was rele goood, and after 3 years of following orders Michael gets to be leader, and Id been waitng for these characters to rele battle it out. It could have gone on longer or if Isabel had joined in or something, but overall pretty wicked episode
  • Is it a surprise to any of us that, faced with power, Michael doesn't become king, so much as tyrant?

    Michael suddenly develops new powers - ones that Max had had until now. Much like with Buffy, we discover that Max's 'death' has meant that plan B comes into force - which means that Michael goes from second in command to leader. Which for him means blundering off and doing the unthinkable - or at least the un-thought-about.

    He has the 'tattoo' a V-shaped star sign and this seems to give him the right to treat everyone badly. Luckily, Max works out the fact that he has to gain his own rights back, as well as his powers, and we have a classic showdown between the two of them, which results in much furniture destruction.

    It's an okay episode, not the best, and in some way it would have been better if Michael has assumed his new-found authority with a degree of properness, which would have made the conflict a little more problematic. Michael as loose cannon we know and love. Michael as new leader with sensitivity would have been more dramatic.

    Not bad though overall.
  • Max died and was brought back by Liz, but this doesn't count has Michael now has the seal of the Antar, making him the king.

    First off, Buffy's Mayor Wilkins' actor is in this episode playing Jesse's therapist. This will be important later on, has Michael, now king, intimidates him. The therapist thinking he is dealing with mobsters calls the FBI. And what happens when the FBI is called to Roswell? They send ex-special unit members investigating. They kidnap Jesse and try to use him to trap Max and Michael.

    Roswell's third season happened while Buffy, on the same channel (UPN) was in his sixth season. Everyone knows that Buffy season 6 was the darkest and I'm wondering is the producers of Roswell seeing this tried to do the same. Michael is going evil now that he is king and I can't help but think of Willow when her magic powers drove her crazy. The thing is, if they tried this, they didn't succeed. Instead of making Michael go to some dark places, he just looks more like a spoiled idiot.