Rough Science

BBC Two (ended 2005)


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  • Fantastic science series

    This is one of the few 'true' science series on television in my view. Rather than trying to be 'sensationalist' as many science programmes are (eg 'supervolcanoes' etc) it just looks at how science helps in our everyday lives, but in a novel way.

    A small group of scientists from various fields (eg physicists, biologists, chemists etc) are taken away from their labs and taken to a building in an 'out of the way' location. There they are given certain tasks by the host, Kate Humble. The tasks may be things such as 'work out where you are' or 'create a portable light source'. They have to solve these problems by using items they find around their location (usually they are based somewhere like a disused mine or something). They are often also given some items which may be useful or essential to solve the tasks.

    The scientists are good at explaining what they are doing and sometimes try to solve the same problem in more than one different way. They don't have all their normal equipment, so you may see Mike Bullivant (the usual chemist) boiling up animal dung in an iron pot over an open fire to extract some chemicals for one of his solutions to a problem.

    It's not presented in a 'teaching' way, but it does teach. And, strangely for many TV science programs, the scientists on it do seem to know what they're talking about most of the time!

    Well worth watching if you get the chance.