Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 4

Basic Training

Aired Unknown Sep 03, 1999 on Syfy

Episode Recap

While filming another battle on Pluto, Higgins finds himself being chased by Warrior Bugs and has to take shelter in an abandoned rover. Higgins calls the others for help and Rico and Gossard go back to rescue him from the bugs. They destroy all the bugs but Gossard gets attacked and is injured.

When they get back to base where they can give Gossard medical attention, Razak tells Higgins that he is transferring him back to Earth. Rico tells him that he shouldn't give up on Higgins so fast and Razak gives Rico the task of training Higgins to be a soldier so he can defend himself. Rico puts Higgins through a simulator and Higgins doesn't do well.

The Roughnecks get the call to rescue another squad that is cornered in a canyon and running out of ammo. They get there and are attacked by airborne bugs called Hoppers. The Hoppers are impervious to laser fire and only high explosives can take them out. Razak calls in air support and Major Barcalow and Lt. Ibanez fly into the fight with their squadron. They start taking out some of the bugs but Ibanez is attacked and forced to crash land. Barcalow rescues her and the Roughnecks try and formulate a plan to deal with the Hoppers.

The Roughnecks use a laser to draw in the Hoppers and then detonate a high explosive that takes them out. They then go down and give the trapped squadron some support and get them out of the canyon. As Razak is walking through the Hopper bodies, one of them comes to and attacks him. Higgins blasts the bug and frees Razak from its grip.

As the squads board a ship, they look back to see many more Hoppers coming their direction and they take off quickly. They know that if they can't find the source of the bug reinforcements, that the battle for Pluto is lost.
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