Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 4

Basic Training

Aired Unknown Sep 03, 1999 on Syfy

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  • After nearly being injured and inadvertedly causing another Roughneck to be injured, Higgins is to be trained by Rico in order to stay on the team. But it\'s not as easy as it sounds.

    Despite what some people have said about this episode (things I have heard at least), I liked it. The episode talked about one of the characters we pretty much hear from the entire series, but we don\'t really get a glimpse of; Robert Higgins.

    Maybe I\'m biased, but he\'s my all-time favourite character out of the cast because I find him (personally) to be the most real character of the group. Just recently out of school, he gets his first assignment from FedNet - to put together information for the public to see.

    I find this an all-together difficult job because he has to play both paperboy and roughneck at the exact same time. Though he never went to boot camp or properly inlisted like everyone else on his team, Higgins is willing to stick it out to the best of his ability, simply because of his love of journalism. I find it admirable that he\'d be willing to go that far for his career and though he isn\'t amoung the best of the group, he\'s still willing to learn.

    And he does get better; in spite of learning on his feet, he managed to save his Lt before a bug could take him out. The most impressive thing he did was sacrifice his camera lens in order to use it to magnify the blast that would lure the bugs to one set location before the bomb took them all out. If Rico hadn\'t spoken up for him earlier, Higgins would have been on the next flight Earthside and I\'m positive that this mission would have ended up in failure.

    I give this episode a 7.5 simply because it was a filler episode. I don\'t normally mark filler episodes high on my list (most of the time, I just don\'t review them), but this one was worthy of respect in my opinion. Though not the best episode, it was still an eyecatcher and I will gladly watch it over again.