Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 27


Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The big day has arrived. They are about to invade the bug home world of Klandathu. Rico, Flores, and Gossard are blowing off some steam by wrestling and Flores shows why she earned the nickname "Dizzy." Later, Higgins brings in the mail and one is from Brutto and another is a letter from S.C.I.C.O.N. for Flores. Brutto sends a quick video of himself in a wheelchair and he wishes the Roughnecks luck on their missions. Rico is promoted to Sergeant and Dizzy is upset after reading her letter and crumples it up.

The alarm sounds all everyone reports to their ships. They are headed to the surface of the planet. The Roughnecks board their transport and Ibanez is the pilot. They head for the planet and the ship is hit and she has to crash land. She lands in the lake near their drop point and the Roughnecks head up the beach. Flores slips and falls back into the lake while the rest of the squad advances and takes out a couple of Plasma Bugs and their support. Rico calls for her, but the squad must keep moving.

Flores is in the lake and slips and wonders what else can go wrong when a giant bug appears from the lake and is about to charge at her when Ibanez appears and eliminates the bug. Then more pop out of the lake and Rico and Gossard take them out from above.

Later, after the beachhead is secure, Rico asks Flores what is wrong and she finally gives in and tells him that her brother, Eddy, was on a medivac transport and it got hit. There were no survivors.

The squad gets a message from Zulu squad. The Zulu squad has met heavy resistance and need backup immediately. Lt. Razak tells Gossard to stay with Ibanez and the ship and try to get it flyable while he and the rest of the squad use a skimmer and go to the aid of Zulu squad. He pulls Rico to the side and asks about Flores and Rico tells him. Razak says that they may have to pull her off the line and that it's Rico's call.

Doc can't use the sonar in the thick fog and the skimmer hits a rock formation and they have to crash land. Razak informs Gossard and Ibanez of the situation and Gossard says that should be up and running soon when the ship is hit by something and they check the hold to see a bug trying to come in. Ibanez shuts the door and they head up to the cockpit to take off when one engine doesn't want to fire. Gossard rewires the ship to give the bugs outside a big shock and they are able to lift off.

Razak and the Roughnecks find Zulu squad and help them fight off the bug attack. They blast a hole out of the cave they were in and see that there is a large number of bugs blocking their way. Razak and Rockwell know that they have to advance and Razak tells Rico to get everyone ready. Rico tells Flores to stay with the wounded and they head out to eliminate the bugs.

Ibanez and Gossard are attacked by Kamikaze Ripplers and Ibanez uses her piloting skills and knocks them off. Gossard can't figure out if she's that good of a pilot or just crazy.

One of the wounded Zulu soldiers wants to join the fight and Flores tells him to stay put. The soldier says that he can't stand the fact that he doesn't know how his squad mates are doing and this triggers something in Flores.

Rico is trapped and just when he thinks he's done for, Flores arrives and eliminates the bugs. They then charge to a Plasma Bug location and Flores destroys the Plasma bugs with a rocket and this takes out most of the bug formation there. Then Rico and Flores are surrounded but are saved when Gossard and Ibanez arrive and eliminate the bugs from the ships guns.

The Roughnecks have established a beachhead on Klendathu and head back for a little rest while the rest of the fleet sends more men down to hold it.