Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 27


Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2000 on Syfy



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    • Higgins: (narrating) D-Day was ending, but the battle for Klendathu was just beginning. Somehow we Roughnecks had survived, but we were in the bug's backyard now and they weren't going to take kindly to trespassers.

    • Razak: Rico, what's with Flores?
      Rico: She saw bugs in the lake and attempted to draw them out into the open, sir.
      Razak: (doesn't believe the story) If I want a fairy tale, I'll read Cinderella.

    • T'Phai: Lt. Rockford?
      Rico: You know how we say "when they made Razak, they broke the mold"?
      T'Phai: Yes.
      Rico: Rockford's the guy who broke it.

    • Razak: Rico, we need a new squad leader. You'll do, until something better comes along.

    • Gossard: Doesn't like to lose, does she?
      Rico: No. You should have seen her on the grid iron. Took monster hits and kept coming back for more. Her brother, Eddy, nicknamed her Dizzy.
      Gossard: What is her real name?
      Rico: Isabel.
      (Gossard enters the ring to wrestle Flores and she grabs him but he slips out of her hold)
      Gossard: Is that all you got, Isabel?
      (she looks at Rico show shrugs and then she grabs Gossard and throws him to the floor - hard)
      Flores: The name's Dizzy!
      Gossard: Dizzy, it is.

    • (Rico and Flores are wrestling and Flores acts like she hurt her knee to trick Rico and knocks him down)
      Rico: That wasn't fair!
      Flores: Alls fair in love and hand-to-hand.

    • Higgins: Lt. Razak, can I ask you a question?
      Razak: You just did.

    • Higgins: (narrating) Hundreds of battles. Tens of thousands of lives. And it all came down to one day. This day, D-Day.

    • Gossard: I can't decide if you're the best pilot I've ever seen, or just completely out of your mind.
      Ibanez: A little of both!

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