Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 36

Funeral for a Friend

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Roughnecks are being split up and placed into different squads. Rico says that they have enough time together (less Jenkins who has already been re-assigned to HQ) to fulfill Razak's final wish. They leave to go to spread Razak's ashes over the lake he requested.

They arrive at the ranger station and find Brutto there in a hoverchair. They go inside and they discover another person is there waiting for them, General Redwing. She is going with them as well since she knew Razak well. Rico pleads with her not to split up the squad but she says that it was not her decision and she cannot help him.

They head out that night and T'Phai notices that there are no animals in the area and Rico realizes that that means that there are bugs in the vicinity. Redwing wants confirmation before she calls in reinforcements and they go to check out some noises they hear. They see some Warrior Bugs and Tanker Worms below in a valley. They are then ambushed by some other Warrior Bugs and then a Tanker Bug shows up and they have to retreat. General Redwing and Higgins are captured by the bugs and the Roughnecks have to take drastic action to save themselves and they jump off a cliff and land in some logs below.

Brutto feels that he is a liability now and T'Phai tells him that he must not let his inabilities hinder him. Rico and Gossard come up with a plan to rescue Redwing and Higgins. Gossard takes two of the power packs off of Brutto's chair and rigs them to detonate when hit. They plant one as a diversion and the other to bring down the mountain on the bugs. Brutto still has one to use in his hoverchair.

Doc and Gossard go to plant the explosives while Rico, Flores and T'Phai take cover and plan to give cover fire. They then see a Brain Bug approaching and Rico knows that he can't let it get to General Redwing. He tells T'Phai to either terminate the Brain Bug or Redwing. Brutto tells them that he has another plan. He tells Rico to give Doc the order to detonate the diversionary explosive even though Gossard is not in position with his explosive yet. Brutto will charge down the cliff in his chair and grab Redwing and Higgins and escape while the others provide cover fire. Rico agrees and they begin.

Doc sets off the explosive and Brutto charges down the cliff and grabs Redwing and Higgins and the others provide cover fire. The Warrior Bugs start to chase Brutto and Gossard finally sets his explosive and detonates it and the Warrior Bugs are crushed along with the Brain Bug.

Redwing promotes Rico to Lieutenant and keeps the Roughnecks together. They perform the ceremony for Razak and fly off.