Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 36

Funeral for a Friend

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2000 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The General and Higgins are seen with the team after they have fallen into a hole. The team is actually planning their rescue with them standing there.

  • Quotes

    • Higgins: This is insane!
      Brutto: What's the matter? Wanna live forever?

    • T'Pahi: Sergeant!
      Rico & Brutto: Yeah.
      T'Phai: There is a complication!
      (they look down to see a Brain Bug approaching the captured General Redwing and Higgins)
      Flores: That's what this night was lacking, a Brain Bug!
      Rico: Can't let it near Redwing, she knows too much. We're not waiting for Gossard. T'Phai, open fire on that Brain!
      T'Phai: Sarge, the Brain does not have a single brain cluster. I cannot guarantee a kill from this distance.
      Rico: Private T'Pahi, if you cannot exterminate the Brain, then you must terminate General Redwing. That's an order.

    • Brutto: Rico should just leave me sitting here.
      T'Phai: The Roughnecks never leave a man behind.
      Brutto: I'm not a Roughneck anymore. I'm not even a man anymore.
      T'Phai: I agree.
      Brutto: Huh?
      T'Phai: You are no longer a Roughneck. But the problem is not here (points to Brutto's paralyzed legs), the problem is here (points to Brutto's head).

    • Brutto: Colonel, give it a rest. Help's not coming anytime soon.
      T'Phai: You never have been one to ask for help.
      Brutto: And now I'm not worth helping. Tonight's only proven what I guessed that night I first woke up in the hospital. I'm useless to you guys. Worthless, damaged goods.
      T'Phai: You are none of those things.
      Brutto: I'm worse. I'm a liability.

    • Rico: Maintain retreat!
      Flores: But, Higgins...
      Rico: We can't find them if we're dead! Maintain retreat!

    • Rico: Has the area changed much?
      Redwing: Oh, something is different. I just can't put my finger on what.
      T'Phai: Were there not animals the last time you were here?
      Redwing: That's right! The silence...No owls, no crickets, nothing!
      Flores: Sound familiar?
      Rico: Wish it didn't. Bugs. Code red, Roughnecks.

    • Brutto: Where's your camera, anyway? I thought it was attached to your wrist?
      Higgins: I-I thought this should be private. Just for us.
      Brutto: Yeah, that's how I want it.

    • Higgins: How far to the lake?
      Brutto: Farther than you can walk, ya biped. (they turn around to see Sgt. Brutto in a hoverchair) And don't even think of hitchin' with me.
      Higgins: Hey, Sarge!
      Flores: Can't believe I'm saying this, but you're a sight for sore eyes.
      Gossard: As if we don't have enough problems.
      Doc: Hey, nice wheels.
      Brutto: It ain't exactly an all terrain vehicle, but that ain't gonna stop me from paying my last respects.
      Rico: Good to see you, Sarge.
      Brutto: Yeah, you too, Sarge. Man, was I irreplaceable or what? So what's the problem? Can't win a war without me?

    • Doc: Hey Sarge...
      Flores: Where's Carl?
      Rico: Look, it's what we feared. With the LT gone, MI is splitting up the squad. Carl just left for S.I.C.O.N. HQ in Honolulu. I have everyone else's orders here.
      Gossard: How can they break up this unit?
      Flores: Tearing apart all he worked for!
      T'Phai: How long before we must report?
      Rico: Thirty-six hours. Time enough for one final mission. (he presents Razak's ashes in a cannister)

    • Higgins: (narrating) We had come to depend on him so entirely, some of us weren't sure if the sun would rise without him giving the order. Lieutenant Jean Razak died in the line of duty on day two hundred and ten of the final campaign. The "Battle for Planet Earth."

    • Plague on Razak's urn:

      Lt. Jean Razak
      For I have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night
      Aug. 11 2040 - Sept. 24 2080

    • Redwing: Rico. (pause) Appreciate the save, Sergeant. I'm not complaining, but you should have killed me to keep what I know from that brain.
      Rico: That was Plan "B".
      Redwing: Very good. There's no way I'm allowing a squad this effective to be split up.
      Rico: You'll assign us a new Lieutenant?
      Redwing: Haven't got one to spare.
      Rico: Then ..
      Redwing: I'm offering you a battlefield promotion, son.
      Rico: Me? An LT? But what about officer's training school and all that?
      Redwing: You can play cadet when the war's over. Do you want the job or not.
      Rico: Not. (Diz elbows him) But I'll take it. Until I'm history, or you find someone better.

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