Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 39


Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2000 on Syfy



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    • (Flores runs out of ammo and is running from some Warrior Bugs and she runs into Gossard and they fall to the ground as Rico eliminates the bugs)
      Gossard: Don't you think you should ask me to dinner first?
      Flores: Since when do you play hard to get?

    • Ibanez: I refuse to die in such a stupid way!
      Rico: There's no such thing as a smart way.

    • Rico: Are you in one piece?
      Ibanez: Little bruised, but not broken. Ankle's twisted, I think. Nothing serious. You, however, are seriously messed up!
      Rico: Some people would see trying to save their life as a noble gesture!
      Ibanez: I'm not some people! I'm a soldier! So are you!
      Rico: I don't look at you that way, Carmen. I can't.
      Ibanez: Well you'd better start. There's no place for your emotions out here, they'll get us both killed.

    • (Ibanez slips and almost falls off a cliff but Rico grabs her arm)
      Rico: I'm not letting you sneak off to that frat party down the hill.

    • Rico: Looks like it's just you and me, kid.
      Ibanez: What's next? You're car going to mysteriously run out of gas?

    • Flores: Johnny, you are such a raging idiot.

    • Rico: Carmen! Carmen!
      (she waves to Rico as she leaves the stadium with another guy)
      Flores: Ouch. That's got to hurt.
      Jenkins: It's a shame to see a young man cut down in his prime.
      Rico: She will be mine.
      Jenkins: Can't argue with a hot blooded Romeo.
      Flores: But you can cool him off! (she dumps the water in the cooler on Rico)

    • Rico: I'm not going to make it back. I'm never going to see Carl, Diz, or Carmen. I'm never going to get the chance to tell them how I feel. Like I even know.

    • Barcalow: Our position is the McHenry Research Outpost. Two military personnel and seven civilians. Warrior bugs control the perimeter. Request immediate evac.
      Razak: (over communicator)Major, as of 09:00 hours, Quad 18 has been designated a Hot Zone. Air support restricted. Do you read.
      Barcalow: I read, Lieutenant. Backup from your squad is appreciated, but I think Fleet will respond to a distress call from one of its premium pilots.
      Razak: (to himself) Premium horse's behind. (to Barcalow) Copy that Major. Alpha Team will relay that message.

    • (the squad receives a distress call from Ibanez)
      Rico: Carmen?
      Flores: What's she doing out in Bug Country?

    • Rico: Diz, when we get back to the Valley Forge you should take it easy. So...You know...I can pick up your meals and stuff.
      Flores: Rico, when we get back to the Valley Forge, do me one big favor.
      Rico: Absolutely.
      Flores: Go back to being a jerk, I liked you better that way.

    • Flores: Orders came through. You and me...
      Rico: I'm not going.
      Flores: Come on, ape! We got bugs to fight!
      Rico: I'm not an ape, I'm a washout.
      Flores: Come on Johnny, don't give up!

    • (Rico is staring at Ibanez and Flores taps him on the helmet)
      Flores: Earth to Rico. Come in please.

    • Rico: My locater No problem, they'll find me. They have to find me.

    • Rico: Whoa! Watch it! I forgot my sunscreen!

    • Higgins: (narrating) There were times when it seemed like the war was never going to end. Day after day. Month after month. We kept fighting and the bugs kept fighting back, hard. That kind of grind can make you forget why you were here in the first place. It can make you forget about the things you really care about before this whole fiasco started.

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