Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Valley Forge is headed for the next campaign and the Roughnecks have drawn watch as the rest of the soldiers and crew are held in suspended animation. Commander Marlow and Ibanez are on the bridge while the Roughnecks are making their rounds. Doc is checking the soldiers and crew in their stasis chambers and comes to Lt. Barcalow. Zander breaks out of his pod and he is now a mutant bug creature and he attacks Doc. Doc retreats to another room and tries to reason with the creature. The creature knocks him against the wall and Doc grabs a bottle of flammable liquid and sprays the creature. The sprinkler system puts it out and alerts the Roughnecks of the situation. Razak, Flores, and Rico burst into the room and Razak uses a heart starting device to shock the creature and it retreats.

Since they are aboard ship, they can only use shock sticks and tranquilizers. They split into three teams and Razak, T'Phai, and Flores are the first team to find the creature and he evades them and climbs into a chute and Flores and T'Phai follow while Razak updates the team.

Ibanez tells Commander Marlow that she would be better suited helping the Roughnecks than just sitting on the bridge and she finds Rico, Higgins, and Brutto. They discover that the creature has released the bugs that were on board and they find two of them right away. After a short furious struggle, They electrocute one and tranquilize the other, but Higgins gets hit with a tranquilizer as well and they put him somewhere safe for the time being.

Flores and T'Phai barely avoid getting cooked by a trap and return to Razak just as Gossard and Doc catch up to them and show them that the creature has destroyed the communications for the ship. The creature then contacts them and tells them that he is shutting down the main power to the stasis tubes and now the Roughnecks have to override it or the crew will die.

Gossard and Doc head to override the power cut. The others head for the bridge. Rico, Brutto, and Ibanez find that the only entrance is blocked by a couple of bugs and Ibanez tells them there is a way from outside the ship. They don their power suits and go outside the ship to enter through that door.

Razak, Flores, and T'Phai are also headed for the bridge and are attacked by two bugs. They go up the elevator shaft and Flores releases the elevator and it crushes the bugs.

Gossard and Doc reach the point where they can override the command by the creature and they do it.

Rico and Brutto make it to the bridge and Brutto is caught in the door and is injured. The creature attacks Rico and Rico uses a ball to open the door and Razak and the others take care of the guard bugs and burst in. The creature brushes past them and makes it to the escape pod and jettisons to the surface of the planet that he brought them to.

Gossard shows Razak why the creature wanted to go to this particular planet, he was going home.