Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Syfy (ended 2000)


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  • Awesome bug fighting action combined with a pretty sweet plot!

    I watched this when I was grade 3, and absolutely fell in love with it. Each campaign has its own merits and brings out new aspects of the story and plot. I just rewatched this series again, 10years later, and am still loving it. All the characters are very engaging and believable (imo), I only wish they were able to complete the last 4 homefront campaign episodes. What a damn shame they did not. Games should be developed around the Starship Troopers world (that are not complete crap). I will definitely be buying the DVD very soon. Have a nice day!
  • fighting aliens. yahooo!

    This show definitely did not deserve being cancelled. The episodes are available on DVD in "campaigns" episodes grouped together. This is how I watched it. From what I can watch of the show; it is original and faithful to the original novel. The voice acting is well done and though the show is done entirely in CGI; the CGI is definitely passable. The story lines are fun and watchable. The hero Johnny Rico is shown in the best light, doing heroic feats and making an idiot out of himself in front of Carmen; Rico's secret crush. I can view this many time without it going tediously predictive.
  • The greatest CGI show ever, with guns, bugs, and total war!

    Roughneck:The Starship Troopers Chronicles is based off of the controversial book Starship Troopers, which has a great story and interesting concept. The show uses most of the book's themes and adds it's own perspective, not to mention a very cool collection of bugs from the Arachnid army.
    The CGI in Roughnecks is just great, which adds to theme of Sci-Fi to the show. The action is well done and the missions actually seem like they would have to be done, from search and rescues to search and destroy.
    The only bad thing about Roughnecks is that it ended on a bad cliffhanger, and that the company ran out of funds to produce the show.
    If you are looking for a CGI or Sci-Fi show, I stronglt recommend Roughnecks:The Starship Troopers Chronicles.
  • Yea

    this show is about a squad of troopers who are facing the first interstellar war against giant bugs who think for then selves. the main character is johnny rico who is the best Trooper on the force and he is the go to guy when needed. Even though this show ended without a real ending this is a show to watch if you are into sci-fi or just want something different to watch. i give it an 8.5 because it is a good show but doesnt end well and i hope they end it some day. watch this series and judge it for your self.

    Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is a great cartoon. Where Starship Troopers was bad and failed, Roughnecks succeeds. The animation was great very realistic. The story was very good, it made you feel the effects of war. The characters were great, each of them having their moments, not all of them surviving. The show ended to soon, but went on long enough to tell most of the stories that needed to be told. I'm running out of things to say now. Let's see what else I can talk about before I go. I don't think there's anything else except this is a great show.
  • "Band of Brothers" meets "Aliens" Superb re-interpretation of the Heinlein classic. It is a shame it was not trully finished. But definitely enjoyed what we have! Show details one group of space-marines in interstellar st

    The show follows the development of one squad of Mobile Infantry (space marines) in the first interstellar war against a psuedo-arachnid race (somewhat misleadingly) called "the Bugs".
    Told from the perspective of an "embedded" journalist (who also has to fight) Private Higgins. The show focuses on Johnny Rico from a green boot to an experienced battlefield commander.
    The show is divided into "campaigns" which are separate story arcs. Each campaign the team faces a slightly different kind of challenge and different enemies.

    The show is based on the Starship Trooper universe created in the book of the same name by Robert A Heinlein. The book was the basis of the swashbuckling shoot-em-up movie (of the same name...) starring Casper Van Dien and directed by Paul Verhoeven.
    Verhoeven's film was so completely out of tune set by the book, it's some times critisized as an mindless attempt to milk the cash cow. (but that's another story...)
    In this show, which is executively produced by Verhoeven, there is a compromise between the movie and the book. It still features the graphics and the excitements in the movie, (which even most of the detractors admit is a high point) but it was able to restore some of the more serious themes of the book.
    Heilein's book describes a ultra-nationalist frevor that some call it fascism. This was well captured by the emotions directed at the bugs by the troopers. The book also depicted some of the typical war-time themes such as comaraderie, loss of friend, loss of leader, coping with disabilities, and even betrayal and intrigue. The show, probably due to it's longer run time, was able to flesh out each of the themes in turn. The script deserves some credit even when compared against military epics such as Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan.
    The graphics is impressive by late 90's standards. As with most technological accomplishments it is not future-proof. But it still compares favorably with most computer games on the market now. (as of 2005)
    The characters are sometimes a little one dimensional. And the romance elements are a little forced, like in the movie. But thankfully the "main" characters: Rico, Dizzy, and the Lt. are well done. They show a broad spectrum of personalities throughout the series. Themes such as maturity, memories of horrors, and overcoming xenophobia are all present in the character development. The enemies are also more "human" in the series than the movies and books, especially the story arc with Zander. But the Bugs definitely are not mindless, there are methods in its choatic cruelty, reminds me of "Aliens".

    There is one more technical note... the show was untimely cancelled at episode 36 out of 40. (with 4 "recap" shows to make up the quota) So it ended in a cliffhanger. It is trully a shame that it did not get the conclusion it deserved.

    Overall it is a spelendid show that is better than the movie and on par with the book. It should please fans on either side of the Starship Troopers fandom.

    p.s. I want to respond to the "why not mass produce robot armies" review. That is a valid concern, but it was properly dealt in both the series (Episode "Flesh and Steel") and the Book. In the end it comes down to economics. Human lives are much cheaper (even with the training and all) when compared to hi-tech machinery. It is a typical theme in the horrors of war.
  • i didn't know

    i never knew that this was a series. i just thought it was a direct to dvd animated movie. i wonder if they replay it at all. i have only seen the pilot i guess. the original movie was pretty cool. very corny, but cool. i thought the animated dvd was pretty good too.
  • Contrary to believes, I think the CG animations a pretty awesome! At least compared to the cartoons produced here at where I stay. Great story line, eventhough there are plenty of loop holes to poke at. Wish they would bring it back.

    With special armors, high tech gizmo, hyperspace travel capabilities, I don't see why they have to send human in to fight the bug invasion. Can't they develop androids? Millions and millions of them, armed to the teeth, indestructable, and lets go squash us some bugs!!

    Cool graphics, pretty interesting story line, and this is one testosteron-filled war.
  • Fun series

    OK, I thought the movie "Starship Troopers" was fun. The PC game was great, and the cartoon hit the spot. Most of the times it aired during my work schedule, but I tried to tape it when I could. I liked this adult cartoon, and I enjoyed the story line. Like most cartoons, somethings could have been better, but what the hell! I would enjoy haveing the complete series on DVD if I could find it. Good Job!
  • Great Plot, Bad CG Animation

    The idea to Make the popular Sci-Fi Movie Starship Troopers into a series was good, but it would have made a better live action TV series not a CG animated Series.

    The CG animated shows of the time was beyond crappy!

    The mouths didn't move well and the and there actions where slow.

    The only good things going for this was the plots of each episode was great and the cast was good.