Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 37

Spirits of the Departed

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2000 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The Roughnecks get a call from Brutto. It seems that he pulled some strings and got his son signed on with the squad and T'Pahi tells him that they will protect him and make sure that he lives through the war. Rico is still doubting his ability to lead the Roughnecks when they are assigned to S.I.C.O.N. headquarters in Hawaii.

They arrive and are greeted by Sgt. Zimm and he presents them with their new recruit, Max Brutto. Max takes an instant dislike to T'Phai and the Roughneck don't like his attitude.

The Roughnecks set up their position near their outpost building. They are soon attacked by a large number of bugs. Sgt. Zimm appears and reports to Rico in the middle of the battle. Soon they are outflanked and they are forced to pull back only to see that the outpost has been overrun and the bugs have knocked down the communications tower. The bugs keep moving and Rico orders the Roughnecks to retake the outpost. They eliminate the few bugs that are there and realize that they must alert HQ. With the tower down, there is no way they can. Gossard suggests that maybe he and Doc can raise the antennae using the Marauders and Rico tells them to do it. They get the antennae up but are quickly attacked by the bugs and Rico and the others are as well. Rico orders Doc and Gossard to abandon the tower and get off the roof. They make it off and arrive downstairs in time to save Flores.

Max complains about Rico's lack of leadership and Rico hears it and it confirms his doubts about himself. He assigns himself to guard duty and tells Zimm to take over but Zimm goes out and talks to him and convinces him that he has to believe in himself because Razak and Zimm both believed that he would be a great leader.

With a renewed sense of confidence, Rico comes up with a plan. He orders Doc and Gossard to go back up and fix the tower while Flores gives them cover. Rico, Zimm, and Higgins will provide cover fire from downstairs and T'Phai and Max will be on the balcony to provide cover fire for their flank. Gossard and Doc raise the tower and the bugs begin attacking and they fend them off. Rico gets through and learns that the bugs have taken over the island and HQ had been abandoned. Ibanez calls in and says that she is on the way to pick them up. Rico orders Gossard to blow up the outpost in order to wipe out the bugs so Ibanez can land. Gossard sets the charge on the generator and everyone dives into the bomb shelter. The bomb goes off and the outpost is blown up and takes all the bugs in the area with it. Ibanez lands and picks up the squad.

They arrive on the command ship and Jenkins tells Rico that his squad held out the longest and eliminated more bugs than any of the others. Then Jenkins holds his head in pain and says that it is about to begin, the last battle for the survival of the human race!