Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 37

Spirits of the Departed

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 2000 on Syfy



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    • Rico: Gos, how fast can you blow up this taco stand?
      Gossard: One charge attached to the generator will send it to Kamehameha! But doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of raising the tower?

    • Zimm: Permission to speak freely, sir.
      Rico: For cryin' out loud, speak all you want. Take charge, I am begging you!
      Zimm: Not what I want, not why I came. You need to know some hard facts. One. You were assigned to me in basic by an arrangement made by your high school teacher, Jean Razak. Two. You were assigned to Razak's Roughnecks by your per an arrangement made by your basic training instructor, me. Jean and I were friends a long time, usually saw eye to eye. You were no exception. Day one, we had you pegged as a leader.
      Rico: Why?
      Zimm: Look in the mirror kid. You're young but your more like Jean Razak if you tried.
      Rico: But what if you were wrong? What if Razak was wrong?
      Zimm: If you respect Jean Razak as much as you claim, you won't be concerned with proving him wrong.

    • (T'Phai cuts the webbing off of Max)
      Max: Hey! Hey! Watch it with that thing!
      T'Phai: I simply wish to help.
      Max: I don't need your help.
      T'Phai: Private...
      Max: I don't need a guardian angel. How about a battle plan instead, huh? The bugs are making us look like idiots here! I mean, what's with the LT?! The only Roughneck that was worth a lick was the dead guy, Razak!
      (Rico and Flores are in another room and hear what has been said)
      Flores: Ohhh, I'm gonna tear that jerk...Johnny, you're not buying that garbage? It's his first battle. He's scared. Besides, the guy's a Brutto. Foot genetically inserted in mouth. No one else is saying...
      Rico: They're thinking it. I mean, I'm thinking it. I'm not Razak!
      Flores: No one's asking you to be Razak! We have faith in Rico! And we'll put our lives on the line to prove it!
      Rico: That's the problem, Diz! I'm gonna get you all killed!

    • Doc: LT, bugs are still heading South toward Honolulu. Lots of them.
      Higgins: Shouldn't we alert S.I.C.O.N. and let them know their flank's exposed?
      Gossard: Good luck. This tower relay is half of communications for Oahu. When it's down, we might as well try two cups and a string.

    • T'Phai: The first wave heads inland.
      Flores: Guess they did what they set out to do.
      Rico: Now what?
      Zimm: lieutenant wants options. Let's hear 'em now.
      Doc: We still need cover!
      Gossard: If the bugs aren't using that outpost...
      Rico: Right-right! Let's take it back!
      Zimm: You heard the man! Door's around front. Flores, T-Phai, Brutto, to the left with me! Rest of you, follow the leader to the right! (talking to himself) Gotta learn the rest of their names.

    • Rico: You're reporting to me?
      Zimm: Sir, yes sir. Looks like I got here right on time.
      Flores: LT, we gotta move!
      Rico: Fall back to the outpost?!
      Zimm: Sir, yes sir! I'll take point! Fall back, Roughnecks! LT's orders!
      Max: Zimm?! My nightmare continues.
      Rico: Join the club.

    • Brutto: Turns out a purple heart gives a guy a few cards. I played every one to get Max in with you guys. He has to get out alive.
      T'Phai: We will protect him.
      Brutto: You, T'Phai?
      T'Phai: As if he were my own child.

    • T'Phai: (to Brutto over the telecom) Without you, we are not the same.

    • Doc: Baby Brutto? In the infantry?
      Brutto: I wanted nothing but the best for my boy. Too bad he had to settle for the Roughnecks.
      Gossard: Least we'll finally have someone qualified to run for coffee.
      (they all laugh and start to walk off)
      Doc: Thanks, Sarge. We owe you one.

    • Flores: Lieutenant Rico. Never saw that one coming.
      Higgins: Not jealous, are you?
      Flores: Of Rico's new bars? No way! I mean, I want my own piece of the pie someday, but we both know Rico's earned every bite of his.

    • T'Phai: (after Max carelessly blasted through the wall to get back into the building) You are you father's son.

    • Rico: Listen up. We're making another run at the tower, only THIS time we're gonna be prepared! Higgins, Zimm, downstairs guarding the front with me. Diz, you're on the roof, cover Doc and Goss. Brutto and T'Phai, watch our flanks from the balcony. And Private, you do EVERYTHING the Colonel tells you. T'Phai, if he doesn't, feel free to use him as a shield.
      T'Phai: Acknowledged.

    • (After everyone has entered the shelter, and the charge has been set)
      Rico: This will protect us from the blast right?
      Gossard: You're askin' me now?!

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