Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Season 1 Episode 31


Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2000 on Syfy
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The S.I.C.O.N. Fleet is hunting for the Bug Queen, after she escaped in a Transport Bug from Klendathuin heading for Earth. Can they find and destroy the Transport Bug before it reaches Earth?

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    Alexander Polinsky

    Alexander Polinsky

    Pvt. Robert Higgins

    Bill Fagerbakke

    Bill Fagerbakke

    Corporal Jeff Gossard

    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Pvt. Isabelle "Dizzy" Flores

    Rider Strong

    Rider Strong

    Pvt. Carl Jenkins

    James Horan

    James Horan

    Corporal Richard 'Doc' LaCroix

    Rino Romano

    Rino Romano

    Pvt. Johnny Rico

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      • Razak: One more minute and this Roach Motel is going up like the Fourth of July!

      • (the Roughnecks have just boarded the transport to land on teh Transport Bug)
        Rico: So, Higgins, where did you grow up?
        Higgins: Akron...Ohio.
        Rico: Your folks still there?
        Higgins: Um, Rico? You think we can do this later when I'm not on the verge of throwing up?
        Rico: Yeah, no problem.

      • Gossard: (the missiles and lasers had no effect on the Queen Bug's Transport Bug) Now what?! Bake her a cake with a nuke inside and leave it on her front door?!
        Razak: Something like that.

      • Higgins: This isn't about you guys. My life just isn't all that interesting.
        Rico: That's a load, Hig. Everybody's got something.
        Higgins: Yeah? Not anymore.
        Gossard: That's it? That's all we get?
        Doc: I'm feeling rather unsatisfied.
        Rico: All right, all right. Let's turn the heat off him. Dude's been through enough today.

      • Rico: So, what's the problem, Higgins?
        Higgins: What are you talking about?
        Doc: We're talking about what people do when they're friends.
        Gossard: Like talk about their families, their girlfriends, their recent loss of girlfriends...
        Rico: What? Don't you trust us or something?
        Higgins: It's not that. I've just always been better at asking questions than answering them. Why do you think I became a reporter?

      • Rico: What was his story?
        Flores: I didn't get the the details, but I think we're talking splitsville.
        T'Phai: I am not familiar with "splitsville."
        Rico: You know, the "dear John", "faced", "let's be friends".
        Flores: Higgins got dumped by his girlfriend.

      • Flores: Hig! Wait up! Anything I can help you with?
        Higgins: Don't think so.
        Flores: 'Cause if it's girl trouble, I am a girl.
        Higgins: There's no trouble because there is no girl...not anymore.

      • (Higgins is excited about a video letter he just got)
        Flores: Aw man, you see that look? He's got a girl.
        Doc: Hey, Romeo. Who's the unlucky lady?
        Rico: Hey, Higgins. If she's your cousin, marrying is illegal in most quadrants.

      • Higgins: (narrating) Sometimes the difference between winning and losing occurs instantaneously. The showdown on Klendathu should have ended the war. Until...In a split second...the Bug Queen escaped. After a three week search, Intel was sure of only one thing...The Queen and her Transport Bug were headed for...Earth.

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