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  • Season 1
    • It's no wonder the home of ABBA is also home to the world's most pro-gay legislation. See exactly how gay Stockholm, Sweden is in this episode of Round Trip Ticket.
    • Check out Stockholm, the styling capital of Sweden, from a shiprail at sunrise, a rooftop at sunset, the fashion district in broad daylight, and the after-dark scene too.
    • San Francisco, California (the city of trolleys, the Golden Gate, and the Castro) is arguably the hub of the civil rights movements, and happens to be one of the most gay-friendliest place in the world.
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      Rotterdam of the Netherlands, the sister city to Amersterdam, will leave you enchanted with its famous architecture, busy shopping venues, and diverse festivals.
    • Rome, Italy
      Episode 27
      LGBT life in Rome, Italy is flourishing, from the bars in the trendy Trastevere neighborhood to the high-end fashion boutiques near the Spanish Steps.
    • Portland, Oregon
      Episode 26
      Portland, Oregon is a great tax-free place to shop, saturated with trendy restaurants and quaint coffee shops, full of deliciously scruffy gay boys and (surprise!) the lesbians here are not invisible!
    • Perth, Australia
      Episode 25
      Perth, also known as "The City of Light" and the gateway to Western Australia, has a gay side.
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      Paris, France is, simply put, a gay paradise. Luxury shopping, fine art, romantic landmarks, fashion-forward nightlife, beautiful people - it's all in one "little" metropolitan city across the pond.
    • New York City
      New York City
      Episode 22
      New York City offers just about the widest, most varied, most culturally enriching, tastiest, most fast-paced, wildest array of ways to tantalize a gay visitor as any city on earth.
    • Mykonos is all about getting tanned and getting noticed. Not only is it the most famous island of the Cylades in Greece, it's also the most gay-friendly, known for its sublime tranquility during the day and buzzing nightlife that rivals the
    • The second largest French-speaking city in the world with a population of 3.4 million, Montreal, Canada has all the ingredients for a perfect gay getaway. Tour this hot destination and gives us all something to Oo La La about!
    • Think of the outdoorsy, intelligent and liberally aware vibe of Portland blended with the artsy smarts and urbane style of NYC, then infused with the culinary richness of a French city and you'll get Montreal, the best of Quebec, Canada.
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      Gay rights have come a long way in Mexico and nowhere is that more evident than ultra-progressive Mexico City. Packed with gay hotels, clubs, and, of course, gorgeous guys & gals, Mexico City is quickly becoming a must-see global hotspot.
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      Melbourne is one of Australia's commercial centers, yet the beach is just a tram ride away. Its heritage is English, yet its residents come from around the world. It's Australia's undisputed capital of culture.
    • Manchester England is a city whose great industrial past belies its newfound status as a major gay hotspot. Take a stroll down festive Canal Street, which is party-central, the heart of the gay village.
    • In England, Manchester stands out with its thriving arts scene, diverse nightlife, huge Pride events, and its own Gay Village.
    • Is everyone in L.A. involved in the entertainment industry? Take a look at the glitz of Los Angeles, California and its gay mecca, West Hollywood.
    • London is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the world with a vibrant queer scene. Check out why with these 2 full-length episodes of Bump!
    • London, England offers a world class nightlife scene, and whether you like disco dancing, cross dressing, getting whipped or getting wasted, there something for everyone. Watch this episode of Round Trip Ticket for more!
    • Hong Kong, China
      Episode 10
      Hong Kong, China has seen the emergence of visible gay activism and LGBT scene with a flourishing, hip gay nightlife scene.
    • Dublin, Ireland
      Episode 9
      Out with the smoke-filled pubs and folk singers and in with boutique hotels, glam eateries and trendoid clubs in Dublin, Ireland.
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      Queensland's hotspot delivers sand, surf and cheerily welcoming Aussies.
    • Gay life in Buenos Aires, Argentina is rich - and engrained in the cityscape as well as it is in New York or San Francisco. It's a given and no big deal.
    • Berlin, Germany
      Episode 5
      Having an openly gay mayor is just one thing that helps make Berlin a city of acceptance and tolerance. A huge gay club & bar culture thrives here, heavily on the "alternative" scenes. And gay-owned businesses are everywhere.
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      Bangkok, Thailand is a tropical city whose spunk exudes from a plethora of architectural gems, from ancient palaces to modern buildings and everything in between.
    • Austin, Texas
      Episode 3
      Hailed as the "live music capital of the world," Austin, Texas is brimming over with all-manner of bars, clubs, and performance spaces. And is often generally the most liberaly city in Texas.
    • Go on a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam in the Netherlands proving that there is something for just about every kind of queer taste in this world class city. Watch this episode of Bump! to find out more.
    • Amsterdam of the Netherlands is small in size, but one of Europe's most favorite gay hotspots. Visit the many gay bars, smoke up, get married, or tour the Red Light district. Watch this episode of Round Trip Ticket for more!