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Welcome to Roundhouse guide at!
Roundhouse is a show that's hard to describe. The best way to explain it is to say that it was Saturday Night Live meets the Mickey Mouse Club--something that the entire family could enjoy.
Roundhouse was filled with comical skits that used no real sets and cheap props (on purpose). The cast was made up of actors and actresses that were also extremely talented at singing and dancing.
The lyrics to the theme song are as follows:
Whenever my life keeps so down I know I can go down (down, down, down) To where the music and the fun never ends As long as that music keeps playing You know what I'm saying I know that I can find a friend... Down at the Roundhouse!
In 1993, the entire cast won a Young Artist Award for their outstanding work on the series.
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  • Quirky, light, fun, great

    Down at the Roundhouse, where the fun never ends...

    This show was kind of wierd, but that was part of its appeal.

    I like this show. It had acting and singing. It wasn't the best of either world, but it worked together. It was quirky.

    I remember a scene where they were talking about peace and people wearing peace symbols and a girl (I think it was a girl) ends up wearing the Mercedes logo instead of the peace symol.

    I wish they would put these episodes on DVD. They were fun to watch. They were light and easy. It was a neat show. The jokes and plots wouldn't work outside of the show, but in the show it fit.moreless
  • Teen sketch comedy.

    One of the original SNICK shows. It wasn't really funny, like SNL. I don't remember musical guests or singing other than the theme song. I love the theme song. The cast would come climbing down the set and do a little dance. They didn't have fancy sets, they were like on wheels. I remember one skit about what you didn't want to hear at parent/teacher conferences and another one there a girl was writing about Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers on her notebook. My favorite was the girl with the red hair. I don't remember anyone else from the cast.moreless
  • The place to be

    I miss hanging out at the "Roundhouse." When I was still in grade school, I would sit down in front of the TV on a Saturday night at SNICK (special two-hour show for kids), watch "Roundhouse", and learn how to shake my groove thang. This was funny and energetic, and very sweet. Looking back on this show, I have nostalgia just reminiscing on the fond memories I had. I would love the chance to own a DVD set and watch the episodes over and over again. I miss it so much and I would love also to watch reruns on Nickelodeon!!!moreless
  • a show were young actors put on skits for kids like SNL, but put like life lessons!

    I remember when i was little always sitting on the couch with my sister and watching the RoundHouse!! i was our favorite show... i remember \\\\\\\"Are you afraid of the dark\\\\\\\" would come on right after it!!! i really wish that nickelodeon would put re-runs of it, and other shows that where on the orginal snick!!

    QUICK QUESTION: Which Children's TV Theme Songs Have Been Stuck in Your Head the Most?

    Because some theme songs aren't just catchy, they're TERMINAL.

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