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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Endings
      Episode 13
      It's finally time for graduation. However, Zach AnyKid isn't ready to let go. He takes the fat lady hostage because he doesn't want anything to end.
    • War and Peace
      War and Peace
      Episode 12
      A war begins in the classroom: Squatvia against Turdistan. The AnyKid brothers are each on opposite sides and continue the battle at home.
    • Cinderella Parody (Obsession)
      Cindy wants to go to the mall to meet Prince, but must find a way to get past Jan and Marcia, her evil step-sisters.
    • Stress and Success
      Stress and Success
      Episode 10
      One of the AnyKids must win the Junior Underachievement Project a Mercedes Bunz for dad. Unfortunately, he must compete against Donald Chump, his ultimate competitor.
    • Mistakes (Live Episode)
      Ivan was faced with trying to impress a girl while losing the big game for his team and town.
    • Family History (Part 2)
      Jill and Fred must go back in time again in order to make mom and dad go back to the way that they used to be. Unfortunately, they must make mom pull dad's finger.
    • Family History (Part 1)
      Jill and Fred's Excellent Headventure allows Jill and Fred to go back in time. When they return to the present day, mom and day have switched places.
    • Staying In School
      Skip AnyKid drops out of school to work on his career as a professional skateboarder. However, being on his own doesn't work out the way that he had planned.
    • Summer Camp
      Summer Camp
      Episode 5
      The AnyKids go to camp only to find that their counselor is exactly like dad.
    • Myth, Superstition, and Luck
      Paul AnyKid's lucky underwear really do bring him good luck. He even lands an audition for the television show, Clap Trap.
    • Justice
      Episode 3
      After Ivan is caught stealing an answer key in school, the classroom transforms into a courtroom. Ivan must defend himself against his peers.
    • Change
      Episode 2
      David must deal with many changes as he starts his journey into junior high.
    • Disaster
      Episode 1
      The AnyFamily must deal with the disasters that happen when they move to California.
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