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  • Quirky, light, fun, great

    Down at the Roundhouse, where the fun never ends...
    This show was kind of wierd, but that was part of its appeal.
    I like this show. It had acting and singing. It wasn't the best of either world, but it worked together. It was quirky.
    I remember a scene where they were talking about peace and people wearing peace symbols and a girl (I think it was a girl) ends up wearing the Mercedes logo instead of the peace symol.

    I wish they would put these episodes on DVD. They were fun to watch. They were light and easy. It was a neat show. The jokes and plots wouldn't work outside of the show, but in the show it fit.
  • Teen sketch comedy.

    One of the original SNICK shows. It wasn't really funny, like SNL. I don't remember musical guests or singing other than the theme song. I love the theme song. The cast would come climbing down the set and do a little dance. They didn't have fancy sets, they were like on wheels. I remember one skit about what you didn't want to hear at parent/teacher conferences and another one there a girl was writing about Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers on her notebook. My favorite was the girl with the red hair. I don't remember anyone else from the cast.
  • The place to be

    I miss hanging out at the "Roundhouse." When I was still in grade school, I would sit down in front of the TV on a Saturday night at SNICK (special two-hour show for kids), watch "Roundhouse", and learn how to shake my groove thang. This was funny and energetic, and very sweet. Looking back on this show, I have nostalgia just reminiscing on the fond memories I had. I would love the chance to own a DVD set and watch the episodes over and over again. I miss it so much and I would love also to watch reruns on Nickelodeon!!!
  • a show were young actors put on skits for kids like SNL, but put like life lessons!

    I remember when i was little always sitting on the couch with my sister and watching the RoundHouse!! i was our favorite show... i remember \\\\\\\"Are you afraid of the dark\\\\\\\" would come on right after it!!! i really wish that nickelodeon would put re-runs of it, and other shows that where on the orginal snick!!