Route 66

Season 2 Episode 1

A Month of Sundays

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 1961 on CBS

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  • Has some minor flaws but a gripping episode nevertheless, it's almost like "Dark Victory" in 49 minutes. Outstanding writing, among the finest one hours of television I've ever watched.

    Tod and Buz cross paths with a Broadway starlet who has suddenly returned to her hometown.

    The Corvette surely lands in the right place in this episode, as Montana draws the protagonists together. Arlene is well-set up as a woman of mystery with something she is running from. Both men fall for her like a ton of bricks, but initially, it's Buz that wins out, spouting a bit of beat-generation nonsense about male-female relations. The usually less-worldly Tod gets as meaty a role however, when he learns that she has advanced Lupus and only weeks to live (the scene at the church is one of the best-written in TV history). He keeps it to himself, and Buz returns to his avid courtship. Lots of things are tough to swallow in a realistic sense, Arlene literally dies in Buz's arms after their first kiss, having lived her last "month of Sundays".

    Still, this is fascinating television - a morality play such as is rarely tried today. My hat is off to the script here, it's a little rushed but even attempting to get the complex issues into an hour of TV is a colossal task. Although the details are sometimes symbolic, the sadness remains and Arlene's final declaration that "I was alive, I really was alive" is extemely affecting. Noir, hip, and tragedy blend so well here that the viewer can hardly help but be envious of the "lessons" that might be possible by traveling the world in an automobile. And that was the point of it all.