Route 66

Season 2 Episode 29

Between Hello and Goodbye

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 11, 1962 on CBS

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  • Stylish, maybe more style than substance as this episode approaches film-noir overload.

    While on the California shore, Tod meets a wild vixen and her mousy "sister".

    An interesting psychological study, carried off well by the husky-voiced Susan Oliver as Chris/Claire. A split personality, her voice is different enough to actually give the viewer some pause that they might be two different woman rather than two "ends" of a person's behavioral spectrum.

    Some decent film qualities here, the opening scene juxtposes a sea side amusement park with a sleazy dark bar where Tod first meets the uninhibited Chris. This is a Tod episode, Buz is off-camera recovering from a virus in a hospital. As usual, cool dialog is sprinkled all over the place, "how many wooden nickels does it take to sack Troy?, "she takes the garde out of avant-garde", "these are the rock candy mountains, don't you have a sweet tooth?" You just can't see this kind of stylish theatrical writing and acting on TV anymore.

    The episode loses itself to massive melodrama in the last 20 minutes, there is simply not enough time to explain the psychosis in any depth despite Oliver pouring her guts out in a solilquy on her parent's divorce. It's also rather unclear how Tod and the psychiatrist really reach her by calling her name at the amusement park. While an ambitious episode, it pulls up a little short.