Route 66

Season 1 Episode 1

Black November

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1960 on CBS

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  • Tod, fresh out of Yale, and Buz, from Hell's Kitchen, set out on the road in this first installment of a fine, human interest series.

    The Corvette breaks down in a Miississippi town on the way to Biloxi, but they have difficulty finding someone to fix it. That's because they're not welcome in this town. The residents harbor a dirty secret; a German POW was murdered in cold blood during World War II, revenge for the death of Garth's son. Garth runs everything and everyone in this strange town, and no one dares to cross him, no one except Tod and Buz, who are determined to get at the bottom of the mystery of the residents' odd behavior. A young woman seems willing to help them out, but her father is scared to death of Garth. When the Garth attacks the girl so as to frame Tod and Buz and stir up a lynch party, her father has had enough, and stops a lynching.

    The origins of the series, where Tod and Buz came from and how they got to traveling the country on the legendary road, the namesake of the series, is explained briefly in this episode.
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