Route 66

Season 1 Episode 1

Black November

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1960 on CBS

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  • Buz and Tod step into a world of too-much melodrama (and a thinly disguised imitation of "Bad Day at Black Rock"). As much as I like the series, the first episode seems cartoonish.

    An almost "lost" rural town in the deep South hides a mystery.

    The set-up for this episode begins strong (I like Tod and Buz botching up the map and the pronounciation of rivers) but rapidly turns to a very macabre story of a sinister reality, almost like a gothic melodrama. A lot of the sense of location is not needed as Southern attitudes aren't at the forefront here. There are so many caricatures that a sense of reality is lost. Can a town really be held in the grip of a crazy man who wants to protect his dark secret of murderous revenge? Why would the boys think that a town like this would be helpful in fixing the Corvette's steering linkage - so much so that they are willing to get in a fistfight to get there? How can this town even have an economy given that it shuns all contact with the outside world? It almost seems like the script is more suitable for a setting in a medieval castle. Or, of course, as a too easy rip-off of "Bad Day at Black Rock."

    Milner is good here and I like the stalwart young lady just coming into adulthood. The old saw of the decent people finally standing up to the man in power is executed fairly well, but all-in-all, the story is too "out there". To me, it would be far more realistic and memorable if it focused on some of the real social problems in the American South at the time.