Route 66

CBS (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Black November
      Episode 1
      Tod's wealthy father dies, leaving the Yale grad penniless but for his 1960 blue Chevrolet Corvette. He meets Buz, who worked for Tod's father, and the two decide to start driving across the country. The Corvette breaks down in a small Mississippi town with some very nasty residents. The boys discover that the town hosted a POW camp during WW II and that the town boss had an escaped prisoner lynched when his son was killed in action. The boss plans to lynch Tod and Buz to keep the town's secret.moreless
    • A Lance of Straw
      Episode 2
      Shrimp boat captain Charlotte Duval hires Tod and Buz as a crew for her boat. Her suitor Jean Boussard gets very jealous of the new male crew members. Buz falls in love with the captain.
    • The Swan Bed
      Episode 3

      Tod and Buz arrive in New Orleans during a parrot-fever epidemic. They meet a girl named Carrie Purcell and ask her out for a date. Carrie doesn't have money to afford nice clothes. Carrie has a domineering mother. Cases of bird flu are appearing in the city. Carrie's neighbor is involved with illegal activity.

    • 10/28/60
      Tod and Buz are working at a Louisana Gulf of Mexico off-shore oil-drilling tower. Lew Ayres plays a Nazi-hunter hunting an escaped Nazi on the drilling rig.
    • 11/4/60
      Tod and Buz give a lift to Lotti Montana, a migrant worker who is going to help pick the peach crop. As they approach the town of Sparrow Falls she begs them to drive through as quickly as possible. They take her to the Coronet Club and the Silver Dollar cafe. Sheriff Hingle keeps her from leaving town. The boys work with a revivalist.moreless
    • 11/11/60

      Virgil and Helen Paige with their young brother Homer are owners of the family ranch. Fighting a desperate battle against drought they're too proud to accept Tod and Buzz's offer to help.

    • Three Sides
      Episode 7
      The boys work on a ranch and encounter a rancher's son. Karen dances on a table.
    • Legacy for Lucia
      Episode 8
      Tod and Buz are working as loggers in Oregon. They meet an Italian girl, Lucia Trapani, who has come from Sicily to buy a new Madonna for her church. She plans to do it by selling her only possessions.
    • 12/2/60
      A group of models are sent to a construction camp at Glen Canyon to do some fashion shots for a magazine. Jeff Grady head of the crew working at the dam appoints Tod and Buz as bodyguards.
    • 12/9/60
      Jack McConkie makes a find of Beryllium, a rare ore. Mine operator Fred Durant insists that he sell his claim. The old man refuses and is found badly beaten.
    • 12/30/60
      The boys meet scientist Mark Christopher and his friends who intend to remain in Carlsbad Caverns until a predicted nuclear war is over.
    • Sheba
      Episode 12
      Laura Church is paroled from a Texas prison and prepares to take up a new life. Then she discovers that the man assigned as her advisor is none other than Woody Biggs, the rancher who sent her to jail in the first place. The boys work as The boys work for a cotton company.
    • 1/13/61
      Tod and Buz work at the Riverside race track for the Grand Prix stock-car races. They get involved with a family's problems, including whether the father should continue stock-car racing. Tod drives a racecar.
    • Play It Glissando
      Episode 14
      Tod and Buz watch a show at a local night club where trumpeter Gabe Johnson and his group are appearing. While driving away, they witness Jana Johnson, Gabe's wife, crash her car. She tells the boys that Gabe is insanely jealous and tried to kill her. The boys watch over her. Gabe shoots Tod but Tod tells the hospital it was an accident. When Jana goes back with Gabe, the boys realize that Jana will keep returning to Gabe no matter what.moreless
    • The Clover Throne
      Episode 15
      The boys work on Adam Darcey's date farm. Adam loves his ward, "Sweet Thing", who wants to leave the farm. Adam is also trying to stop a road from being built on his property.
    • Fly Away Home (1)
      Fly Away Home (1)
      Episode 16
      Tod goes to work for the Windus Dusting Company as a crop duster. He meets Summers, a pilot. The company is losing money.
    • Fly Away Home (2)
      Fly Away Home (2)
      Episode 17
      A farmer wants his crops dusted with sulfur, which is very dangerous to the pilots. However, the risk means more money to for the crop-dusting company.
    • 2/24/61
      Tod and Buz meet a teenage girl who claims to be running from gangsters. The girl's wealthy mother thinks her daughter has been kidnapped and calls the police and a detective.
    • 3/3/61
      A blind widow listens for the voices of her dead husband's murderers. She asks Tod and Buz to buy her a pistol for self-protection.
    • 3/17/61
      Tod and Buz pick up a small boy who has run away from an orphanage. Tod wants to return the boy but Buz, who has bad memories of an orphanage, refuses. The boys also get involved with showgirls.
    • Effigy in Snow
      Episode 21
      A psychotic killer is killing women at the Squaw Valley ski resort. He leaves a body in the snow.
    • 4/7/61
      The townsfolk of Broken Knee hand their money over to famous gambler Sam Keep to gamble it in Reno.
    • 4/14/61
      Tod's aunt Kitty asks Tod to find her daughter Carole. The boys find that she was living in a Los Angeles slum.
    • Don't Count Stars
      Episode 24
      Tod and Buz meet hotel owner Mike, who drinks and gambles. Mike is the guardian for his niece, Linda, a little girl. Linda's executor wants to remove the child from her uncle, and she asks Tod and Buz for help.
    • The Newborn
      Episode 25
      Tod and Buz work on a ranch belonging to Frank Ivy. Frank's son dies leaving an Indian girl, Kawna, pregnant. Frank and Kawna's relatives fight over the baby.
    • 5/12/61
      Tod stops a poacher Hump Humphrey from killing a deer. Hump then shoots out the tires of Tod's car and later frames the boys for poaching.
    • Trap at Cordova
      Episode 27
      Tod and Buz are kidnapped by New Mexican mountain townspeople who need a teacher. Tod addresses the New Mexico legislature about the culture of the people of Cordova and the need for teachers. Filming Location: Cordova, New Mexico
    • The Opponent
      Episode 28
      A has-been boxer Johnny Copa is now throwing fights. Johnny trains Buz in boxing.
    • Welcome to Amity
      Episode 29
      Joan Maslow wants to bury her mother in the cemetery outside of Amity. The entire community is determined to stop her.
    • 6/16/61
      Buz and Tod go to work for Volovich and live at his house. Two other boarders are courting Volovich's mute daughter.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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