Route 66

Season 2 Episode 24

Even Stones Have Eyes

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 1962 on CBS

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  • Excellent acting by Maharis in a challenging script.

    "Even Stones Have Eyes" showcases the acting prowess of George Maharis and exhibits his range he has as a performer. Buz Murdock has his moments of vulnerability in other episodes, but bravado often dominates his character's persona. However, this episode humbles Buz as he is handicapped by a freak work accident and he doesn't know if he will become well again; thus he becomes even more human and multi-faceted. Furthermore, this episode offers a more tender side to Buz as he tries to distance himself from a young blind girl who has fallen in love with him. Though he likes the girl very much, he is also very wary of hurting someone who has already been hurt so much. Buz is not a womanizer, but he certainly has his share of passing flirtations. However, this relationship in "Even Stones Have Eyes" shows a more selfless side of Buz.