Route 66

Season 2 Episode 5

First Class Mouliak

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 1961 on CBS

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  • Well-written with many emotional conflicts and a believable backdrop. Very strong cast as well.

    Buz and Tod befriend a Polish steelworker whose son harbors a dark secret.

    Another good episode with complex layers that are well delineated. Nehemiah Persoff and Martin Balsam are excellent as old guard workers of a forge hammer at a steel mill in Cleveland, Persoff shows his usual mastery of accent and emotion (there is little he can't do with a character). A sense of family, proud blue collar roots, and dreams for the future is established early on.

    There is some good dialog for Tod that contrasts the life on the road with the solid ethnic stability of neighborhood, but most of the best stuff is written for the guests. Balsam's lines at his daughters funeral are very bittersweet. Robert Redford really has little to say and shows no particular flair, though his actions are of the utmost importance to the story.

    There is a great conflict of father and son, friend against friend, and a clash of generational expectations here - again a sign of extremely strong writing in a one hour format and something (like well-paying plant jobs) that doesn't exist today.