Route 66

Season 3 Episode 14

Give The Old Cat A Tender Mouse

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 21, 1962 on CBS

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  • A strange tale of the conflict between freedom and love that doesn't have any answers. At the same time, it pulls a recurring character into a less interesting niche.

    Tod "almost" re-unites with the free-spirited Vicki once again.

    Julie Newmar reprises her role from the season 2 episode "How Much a Pound is Albatross" - this time showing up at the Memphis Cotton Exchange with a private eye/caretaker on her tail. The still-smitten Tod is so intent on finding her that he constantly runs afoul of a motorcycle cop, providing the secondary story for this installment.

    In this case, the episode is more tepid. Vicki is an heiress in town to meet a millionaire who has his wild side but also a good amount of traditional values. Newmar doesn't get to stretch her role nearly as much. The story is kind of different, she mixes with the southern upper crust deciding if she will fit in, with Tod always one step behind. But the dialog just doesn't shine in the same way, seeming a little forced (she even uses the old "blind man and an elephant" story).

    What may be most puzzling is the finale, Vicki is too smart, too talented to win the love of the dixie Romeo and so hits the road again with her caretaker following her motorcycle. Tod never manages to meet her again, obviously intentional, but rather odd. The story emphasizes her untamable nature but adds a sadness that's unresolved.