Route 66

Season 2 Episode 18

How Much a Pound is Albatross

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 09, 1962 on CBS

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  • Lots of un-resolved philosophy, Julie Newmar is something else but so exagerrated in her character that a comedy element gets emphasized.

    The boys meet a free-spirit that puts them to shame, but she is coping with tragedy in her life.

    Buz collapses like a house of cards when he crosses paths with Vicki (a blonde Julie Newmar) - a non-sequiter-spouting wild child on a motorcycle. The script runs up and down the beat generation fantastical and is quite crisp and clever, sometimes silly but never really faked. Vicki's backstory is decently drawn as well, as is the fact that she is smart (impressing her prison psychologist). Another plus is some of the better Buz and Tod back-and-forth banter of the series, if there is one thing Milner can always manage, it's an annoyed look at Maharis. The scene at the bar the night before the hearing is particularly well-played.

    My favorite part of this installment is that Vicki is greater than the team of Buz and Tod, she's more clever than Buz and has both book learning and real world experience that far outstrips Tod's academic knowledge. I'm not as big a fan of "Tod's Big Adventure" in the desert with Vicki, it really serves the location better than the plot of the episode.

    There are a number of elements of relationships and loneliness that are lost to the comedic elements of the final half hour. While the idea that to live life is more valuable than to question it is interesting, it comes in an almost cartoonish package at the conclusion.