Route 66

Season 1 Episode 30

Incident on a Bridge

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 16, 1961 on CBS

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  • In Cleveland, Tod and Buz are largely bystanders to a quite realistic human drama of love and jealousy.

    Upon arriving in Cleveland, Tod and Buz land jobs at a gravel yard. Their supervisor Volovich also becomes their landlord. Volovich has a beautiful daughter Anna (Lois Smith) who is mute and treated like a slave. Her father considers Anna to be damaged goods and is relieved that one of his boarders named Orlov (played by Allan Melvin) is "willing" to marry her. Another boarder, Divorovoi played to perfection by Nehemiah Persoff, loves Anna and wants to save her from the violent and creepy (think "dirty old man") Orlov.

    Buz and Tod see relatively little action although they do intervene in a oddly choreographed fight between Orlov and Divorovoi. Buz also buys records for Anna whose only joy in life is music. Their main part is explaining to the police, via flashbacks, what had happened.

    Lois Smith as Anna gives a heart wrenching performance. She was about 30 years old playing a character who was 24, but because of maltreatment and isolation was probably more like about 17. Unable to speak, Anna instead "spoke" with her beautiful eyes and tremulous smile. The writing and acting is excellent throughout and the ending is about as good as one can hope for.