Route 66

Season 3 Episode 1

One Tiger to a Hill

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 21, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

The opening scene is unforgettable. Buz and Tod are driving along a sandy beach in their classic corvette while Nelson

Riddle's theme song is playing in the background.

Buz and Tod land jobs as fishermen and deck hands for a widower named Anna Gustafson. While at her home they get a glimpse of her beautiful daughter, Toika, who has a "bounce in her step" as she walks by them. Immediately Anna takes a liking for both Buz and Tod but she notices their differences. It is evident to her that Tod is college educated and the type of guy for Toika.

Meanwhile, Karno, played by David Janssen, is a veteran and also the boyfriend of Toika. He despises Tod because Tod went to college while he was drafted into the war. Furthermore, Toika, who has been rejected by Karno, is drawn to Tod. When Karno sees the two of them together this sends him into a jealous rage. Buz steps in to defend Tod but is unexpectantly punched in the face by Karno. The punch sends Buz over the dock rail into the sea.

Meanwhile, Karno and Tod slug it out until the fight is stopped by some spectators on the dock. From that point on Karno realizes that he wants Toika back and he threatens to make life "a living hell" for Tod.

Near the end of the episode Karno is knocked overboard during a fist fight with Tod aboard a fishing boat. Tod, Toika, and Buz await word regarding Karno. They suspect that he has drowned but instead he appears on a coast guard rescue ship. Karno describes his underwater experience as a "near death" experience. He feels "small" compared to the sea, God, and the sky above him. He says that he is "born again".

The episode concludes with Karno and Toika walking off together.