Route 66 - Season 3

CBS (ended 1964)




Episode Guide

  • 9/21/62
    Buz and Tod hire out as deck hands on Anna Gustafson's salmon fishing trawler where Tod becomes involved with Anna's daughter.
  • Journey to Nineveh
    Episode 2
    Tod and Buz ride into Harleyville. They meet some old comedians, including Jonah Butler, the town jinx.
  • Man Out of Time
    Episode 3
    In Chicago, Tod and Buz encounter Harry Wender, a frightened 1930's gangster who has outlived his time.
  • 10/12/62
    Tod and Buz go surfing in Southern California. Buz challenges a surfing champion to a match.
  • 10/19/62
    Tod and Buz encounter a downtrodden stock clerk who is involved in a telephone romance.
  • 10/26/62
    Tod and Buz are excited to be working at a Chicago hotel which is hosting a women's convention. Also staying at the hotel are the famous horror film actors. The actors are debating whether their traditional horror film characters can still scare modern audiences. The actors test their ideas on the conventioneers.moreless
  • 11/2/62
    In Oregon City Tod and Buz get a real deal on rooms at an old house - $6.50 per week. Living in the house is Maggie a psychic reader, Van her unemployed husband, Michael, her nephew. Maggie's sister Autumn arrives after being fired from her teaching job and moves in. Michael is the house's sarcastic unpleasant owner and threatens to evict his relatives when he turns 21 in a few months. Michael is also trying to avoid some young men who want to beat him up.moreless
  • 11/9/62
    While waiting for his date in a Cleveland railroad station Tod encounters convict Justin Lezama who is being moved to another prison. Lezama wants to call his brother and when the guard refuses Tod agrees to make the contact. Lezama takes Tod as a hostage.
  • Tod and Buz work for John Rados' road building-business. John has a strange daughter and John offers Buz money and a business if he will date her.
  • 11/23/62
    Tod and Buz work with a Doc Duncan, a shark fisherman. Doc is catching sharks for scientific experiments.
  • 11/30/62
    Tod and Buz encounter Muddy Mullins, a piano playing ex-con and his son Arnie.
  • 12/7/62
    Mentalist Brycie Koseloff makes dire predictions about Tod's future including predicting that finally Tod will kill Buz. Her predictions start coming true.
  • Tod becomes involved in a kidnapping. Ellen Barnes claims that a mental patient is kidnapping her.
  • 12/21/62
    Tod meets Vicki Russell again (from "How Much a Pound is Albatross"). She is again riding her motorcycle and this time has a boyfriend Frank pursuing her.
  • 1/4/63
    Tod becomes an assistant to novelist Warren Barr. Warren's daughter Beth shoots her husband.
  • 1/11/63
    Tod meets music composer Julian Roebuck who is recording local folk musicians in Tennessee.
  • 1/18/63
    Tod and Buz meet Lars, a German sailor in Tijuana who is looking for his father Ralph and is carrying a gun.
  • Tod is carrying his new credit card around Los Angeles, and is being followed around Los Angeles by Diane. She asks him for a date and then steals the credit card.
  • 2/15/63
    Tod meets Joby, who steals his wallet. Corelli is a social worker who helps out.
  • Tod witnesses a double murder and joins a posse hunting for the killers.
  • 3/8/63
    Alma Hawkes returns to a Gulf Coast fishing town after spending time in prison for killing her father. She is looking for her son and mistakes Tod for the son.
  • 3/15/63
    Tod is working for the Houston zoo. Maria, the troubled daughter of a Mexican family, throws herself into the bear pit.
  • 3/22/63
    Tod meets a Lincoln Case who has just completed a six-year Army enlistment including two years in Vietnam as an Army ranger. Linc decides not to re-enlist but to join Tod on the cross-country odyssey.
  • 3/29/63
    Linc meets a girl named Janie in a tavern and she gives him a knockout drink.
  • 4/5/63
    The boys get jobs at the Weeki Wachee theme park in Florida. The park show features girls dressed as mermaids performing underwater. A shy girl Elissa emerges from the water and after demonstrating amazing underwater swimming talent is hired for the show. She talks about "coming from the sea" and implies that she is a real mermaid. Skeptical Tod falls for her but assumes that she just wants publicity to launch a movie career. Linc has a more open mind and believes her. Tod discovers too late that she was telling the truth.moreless
  • Peace, Pity, Pardon
    Episode 26
    Tod and Linc meet Jai-Alai players who involve the boys in Cuban politics. Quiepo wants to smuggle his niece out of Cuba.
  • Linc meets Lt. School, a former officer he served under in Vietnam. The officer now has the mentality of an eight-year old child and is living with his mother.
  • 5/3/63
    Tod and Linc meet two rich playgirls after one of them runs down his boat with her speedboat.
  • 5/10/63
    Tod and Linc's car breaks down. Linc hitches a ride with Alva and Charlie, two robbers who force him to drive their getaway car.
  • 5/17/63
    Tod and Linc are working in a Florida town. Linc is accused of stabbing an unfriendly dog and is arrested. Filming Location: Cape Coral, Florida
  • 5/24/63
    Tod and Linc are working with Emmett McNeill, a tramp. A strange disease breaks out which turns out to be spread by ticks.