Route 66

Season 1 Episode 7

Three Sides

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1960 on CBS

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  • Tod and Buz go to work on a ranch, and help the boss regain control of his family.

    Gerald Emerson (E.G. Marshall) is a rancher whose father left him the world, and a legacy of hate. His father was rather abusive to him, and sought power at any price. Mr. Emerson vowed he would treat his own children with more tenderness, and kept his vow. Perhaps too much so, because they seldom heeded him, especially his rambunctious son Curt, irresponsible, but very protective of his flirty sister Karen. Karen is being sought out by a tough fisherman, Ted Becker, and Curt tries to keep him away from her, but Curt is no match for Ted, who flattens Curt with little effort. Curt, not much of a fighter but full of arrogance, thinks he can haul a truck better and faster than the ranch foreman. The foreman tries to stop Curt as Curt hauls the truck along a dangerous dirt road. The truck goes over the edge, and the foreman, beloved by his crew, is killed. Curt escapes with minor injuries, but cannot bear to show his face around town, and prepares to leave home, especially after the crew quits, leaving Tod and Buz doing most of the work. Before he leaves, he stops by Becker's dwelling and finds his sister there to ask Becker to help out at the ranch. He agrees, but at a price that Curt cannot bear to see her pay. Curt intervenes, and it's up to Buz to get there and stop Becker from killing Curt, and, along with Tod, to heal the rift in the family. The title is a metaphor of a coin, related to Tod by his father. The third side is the edge.