Route 66

Season 4 Episode 22

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 06, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Otis, Leon, Michael, and Samantha Tiffin have each received cables that their brother Alexander has suddenly passed away. All four of them, along with their niece and Alexander's daughter Margo, have been dispatched to Tampa, Florida for the funeral.

Once all five people are at the funeral home, Monty Musgrave, the executor of the estate, informs them that they all have been left $100,000 from Alexander's estate. However, there's a catch. Margo must marry within fourteen days of her father's death, or none of the five beneficiaries are to receive their share and all of that money, along with the remainder of Alexander's estate, is to be left to Interpol. Since the entire family, with the exception of Margo, are into criminal activity, they do not want to see that happen. They also have their own agendas to worry about: Musgrave is to decide, should Margo wed, who gets the remainder of the estate among six candidates. In addition to his daughter and siblings, the sixth candidate Alexander Tiffin has chosen is the same man whom he desires for a husband for Margo...Tod Stiles.

Conveniently, Tod also happens to be arriving in Tampa from St. Augustine where he and Linc are serving as boat salesmen. The Tiffins and Musgrave decide to pay the boat dealer a visit, where Margo gets to know Tod, who is immediately taken by her and sets up a date for that evening. Things, however, don't go as planned as the pressure from her aunt and uncles overcomes Margo and she takes off, telling Tod that he should never come back no matter what she says. She runs away from the house, and although Tod tries to chase her down in the Corvette he is unable to and resigns himself to spending another evening alone.

As fate would have it, this is not the only bit of strange news Tod has to deal with. At a bar later that evening, Linc buys a $25 bottle of champagne for himself and Tod. Surprised, Tod wonders why Linc is doing this. Linc tells Tod that he has been hired by a general to help train a group of South American villagers to defend themselves from attacks and that he can't continue traveling with Tod. Although stunned, Tod agrees to drive Linc to the airport the next morning and wishes him well. However, after a trip to the airport the Corvette is stolen. It is revealed that Otis Tiffin, who has been in dealings with the Soviet Union, has taken the vehicle to a Russian liner where its fate is yet to be determined.

Despite all this, Tod makes an attempt to rekindle the romance with Margo and succeeds. The two begin a whirlwind courtship, under close watch of the rest of the family, that leads to a trip down the aisle as planned. Just before it happens, though, Musgrave reveals to Tod the entirety of the situation. Alexander Tiffin, operating under the alias Pop Harrison, met Tod during a trip through Minneapolis and was so impressed with him that he knew he wanted him as his daughter's husband. He also informs him that he stands to become a beneficiary of the will once he weds Margo. However, before any more information is revealed, Tod is called into the church for the ceremony.

The wedding goes off as planned, but all hell breaks loose after. Margo takes Tod and immediately runs out the back door of the church, choosing to eschew the traditional limousine ride in front of the church for a cab ride. Meanwhile, Linc receives word of the nuptials as it is in the society page of the Tampa newspaper and heads off to try and intercept Tod before it is too late.

To fully complicate matters, Margo's aunt and uncles have anticipated her move and a specific cab has been hired unbeknownst to the newly married couple. The cab appears to break down on a bridge overlooking Tampa Bay and the driver, claiming he doesn't know how to properly fix the engine, enlists Tod's help. The whole thing turns out to be a ruse as the driver knocks Tod out with a wrench as a horrified Margo watches. The driver then takes Tod's unconscious body and tosses him over the side of the bridge, with Tod hitting the water a significant distance below. Margo gets out of the cab as the driver pulls away and looks down hoping to find some sign of her husband, but cannot.

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