Route 66

Season 4 Episode 23

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 13, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

As the search for Tod's body continues in Tampa Bay, Linc and Margo head to the Tiffin mansion where the rest of the family is accused by the both of them of setting up the murder. Otis Tiffin tries to point the finger at Linc, who will have none of it as he had been tricked into a phony military training job by Michael Tiffin, who manipulates Latin American rebels and causes government upheavals for his own personal gain, and thus wasn't in Tampa for the wedding. Since the actual killer, the driver of the cab who threw Tod off the bridge, has vanished and nobody has any proof, Margo decides to head back home to Houston while Linc returns to his hotel.

Later that evening, Linc is awoken by a man who entered the room. After nearly beating him and choking him out, Linc turns on a light to discover Tod has survived the attack and has his own theory of why he took the fall: Margo, being a potential recepient of the remaining $4 million in her father's estate, purposely bumped him off to have less competition for the inheritance since, by marrying into the family, Tod was now a beneficiary. Linc, however, sets Tod straight and tells him that Margo's only concern was the hope that he might be found alive and that she loves him.

The next morning, Linc and Tod seek out Monty Musgrave, who is the executor of Alexander Tiffin's estate and is ecstatic to see Tod. Since nobody else but Linc knows that Tod is still alive, they swear Monty to silence and take off to find Margo, who is at the Tampa airport. The newlyweds have an emotional reunion, after which a grand plan is set into motion to get back at the greedy Tiffins, each of whom has a $100,000 share of the estate now that Margo has married Tod according to her father's wishes.

The first Tiffin on the list is Leon Tiffin, a shady real estate agent who sells land in potentially dangerous ecological areas. Posing as German land developers, Tod and Linc place an ad in the local paper and Leon takes the bait, taking them into the swamp where they manage to lure him into an alligator-infested swamp. Despite his best efforts, Leon gets caught in the swamp mud and becomes a meal for two hungry alligators.

Monty, meanwhile, has fallen in love with Samantha Tiffin, a pseudo-aristocrat whose snooty French air belies her simple southern roots. Since Monty has those same roots, she reciprocates his love and the two become engaged quickly. Margo, all the while, has taken on the role of a reformed greedy widow, feigning the idea that she is in it for the money.

The next Tiffin to be dealt with is Michael Tiffin, as Linc desires payback for his deception. Dressing up as the brother of a rebel Michael commanded in South America, Linc says that he has procured a deal with a Cuban general (Tod) whereas Michael will become a Cuban military advisor in exchange for arms which will be given to the rebels. After some cajoling Michael agrees and leaves immediately for Miami, where he believes he will be getting an escort to Havana.

Finally, Otis Tiffin's luck runs out. Otis had been dealing in black market goods in the Soviet Union where he thought he was dealing with a low level operative. As part of the arrangement, Otis was to procure goods to bring back to Moscow and give to the operative for his own personal use.This also led to him stealing Tod's Corvette, which was intended to be a gift for Premier Khrushchev, and attempt to ship it out on a Soviet ship. However, the entire scam fell apart once Otis failed in his obligations and the operative, who in reality was a high ranking Komissar in the Communist Party, sold him out. He is forced, by Russian authorities, to return the car (they called the gift "silly"). Once the car is back in Tod's hands, Otis is taken on the ship to go back to Russia with the men where he is to remain as a prisoner of the state.

The next day, Monty finally decides what to do with the remainder of the estate. He was considering giving it to Tod and Margo, but decided not to because he felt they should try to make their own way as they desired to do so. This left him and Samantha, his new bride, but Monty decided against that as well due to the potential conflict of interest and decides to honor his friend's wishes and, since there is no worthy heir, bequeath the $4 million to Interpol. Samantha faints from the shock but Monty is excited to begin their life together and can't wait to show her off to his family.

Linc, meanwhile, offers to take the remaining luggage and place it in the Corvette for the newlyweds. When Tod reminds him that the car can only fit two people otherwise and there is no place for his luggage, Linc informs Tod that his belongings were sent ahead to his next destination: after serving abroad and traveling the country with Tod, it is time for him to go back to a normal life. Although Tod and Margo will be setting up a home in Houston, Linc decides he needs to make his own way home and bids them farewell. In his last act, he places the suitcases inside the Corvette and walks out of sight, homeward bound for the first time in years.