Route 66

Season 4 Episode 18

Who in His Right Mind Needs a Nice Girl

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 07, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins on a powerboat in the waters off of Jacksonville, where a middle aged married couple is set to enjoy a day on the water. Suddenly, and quite abruptly, the situation goes from happy to tragic as the pilot of the boat makes a sharp turn that results in the wife being violently tossed overboard. The man then manages to subdue the husband by making swift turns to keep him off balance, then one more wide turn that throws him overboard. The man then drives the boat out as far as he can, rigs the engine so it will fill with seawater and sink, then abandons ship and swims for shore leaving his victims to drown.

Once he reaches shore, the man decides he needs a place to hide and thinks he's found a perfect place: the bookmobile outside of the Volusia County Library in Daytona Beach. On this particular morning librarian Lucy Brown, a twenty-eight year old young woman who hasn't seen much of the world outside of her area, heads inside looking for a book for an elderly patron who is desperately looking for something new to read as everything else has bored her. The man accosts Lucy in the bookmobile, demanding he help her but not telling her much about who he is or why he is there. A terrified Lucy threatens to call the police, but the man threatens to kill her if she does. Petrified, Lucy does as he tells her to do.

As this is going on, Tod and Linc pull up to the library as they are looking for temporary help as the bookmobile's driver has been out of work for some time. Tod has grown increasingly frustrated with his travels, having been on the road for much of the last three and a half years with Linc and Buz Murdock previously, and simply wants to relax. Linc, however, feels differently but allows Tod his space.

Linc meets up with Lucy, whom he has already discussed the position with, and she directs him to speak with the manager of the library. Unfortunately, the manger tells him he cannot offer him any position. Linc, however, decides to hang out in the stacks for a while as he has nothing better to do at the moment. He notices that Lucy is disturbed about something, but she keeps her promise to the man and doesn't tell him. Meanwhile, she manages to procure a set of clothes belonging to a coworker for the man, who tells her his name is Joe. He also asks her for money, but refuses to take the $3 she has on hand believing it menial.

Later, Tod returns to the library to pick up Linc and the two get into a confrontation with Joe who believes they are policemen there to arrest him. After both men assure him they are not, they agree (although Tod does so begrudgingly) to take Joe out for a steak dinner and then give him a ride out of town. Before they send him on his way, they take the Corvette out onto the beach and Joe convinces Linc to let him drive. After a wild ride through the surf which gets everybody wet, Joe decides to pick a fight with Tod. Since Tod is in such a foul mood, this proves to be a mistake as Tod beats him up. Linc steps in before Tod can do anymore damage and tells Joe to be on his way, reminding him to never come back.

Joe, being the con man that he is, ends up back in Daytona Beach later on having hitched a ride on the back of a trailer. He once again heads to the library to see Lucy, who agrees to give him over $600 she has in her savings account at the local bank. She is doing so because she has started to become smitten with him, and he is playing along because she appears unaware that he is scamming her. Shortly thereafter, Tod and Linc show up at the library wanting to speak with Lucy but discover Joe has been there again through another librarian and that she has left to go to the bank. The two men leave and head to the bank to try and intercept Lucy before she can withdraw the money. Meanwhile, the other librarian calls the Daytona Beach police and a bulletin goes out over the local radio stations describing Joe, as he has been successfully connected with his earlier crime in Jacksonville and is wanted for murder. Hearing the bulletin as they arrive at the bank, Tod and Linc prove too late as Lucy has all her money in her purse and refuses to believe the story that Joe is a wanted murderer. She does, however, allow them to drive her to the local marina where she is to give the money to Joe.

Lucy successfully gives the money to Joe, who informs her of the truth at long last. He is not returning to the area, he will never see her again, he will never speak to her again, and that he was only using her as a patsy so he could escape his crime and can't believe she actually thought he might have cared about her in any way, telling her to prove him wrong and that say that she had to know all along what he was doing.

Just then, the police show up at the marina and Joe makes one final break for it, ignoring the officers' warnings. Left with no choice, the officers open fire and Lucy, Tod, and Linc can only watch as the wanted murderer meets his final fate...a watery grave.


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