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  • Rove used to be something i tuned into ever Sunday night.

    It just isn't the same without Carrie Bickmore at the news desk and the disappearance of Help me huesy.

    Also the calibre of star it is showing has dropped, yes we know the PM is Kevin Rudd but don't get him in every second week, it drives us nuts. Who really wants to listen to a guy that you make fun of in Kevin Rudd P.M. Why do we have to wait every two weeks to see Hamish and Andy as well. It just irks me that everything has changed so drastically. I guess 10 years is something to be proud of, just don't muck it up.
  • All he seems to do is sledge the liberal party these days. I don't even vote but ROVE obviously has an axe to grind

    All he seems to do is sledge the liberal party these days. I don't even vote, but ROVE obviously has an axe to grind.

    Ever since John Howard declined to appear on his show he has been making anti-liberal party jokes.

    This week he kept gassing on about Brendon Nelson. It's a shame because the show has potential, and most talk shows have some form of politician-bagging, but Rove just seems to carry on a bit too much about it and it makes the show boring.

    When the Liberals where in Government he sledged them, and now that the Labor party is in Govt he still prefers to sledge the liberals. It all seems a bit one eyed.
  • funny show

    rove live is one of the funniest shows ever. Every show always has somemothing funny. rove is a very funny guy, and peter(i dont know how to spell his last name, lol) is also a funny dude, and the comedian husie is really funny, his material isnt over the top, just normal everyday life, and its quite funny. i like how this year rove live has changed, i think that sundays is an awesome day to show it, and im missing gray's anatomy, becuase im watching rove live, its well worth it, and i like pete's space, its all really funny.
  • Great Show, Love Rove and especially love David Hughes.

    Great Show, I absolutely love Rove, he is super cute, and very funny. Especially love David Hughes and his little insecurities about himself. Very down to earth, very funny, and a little boy at heart. I love the fact that he is so sensitive about his looks. I love listening to him on NOVA in the morning. The Sunday night show is a great new format, love all the segments. Well done Rove on the new format, and for making us laugh on a Sunday night, beats all those crime shows that seem to have inundated our TVs. Keep us laughing.
  • rove is the best

    i love peat space and the news desk thay are so funny hamish and andy are coming on more reacentley and the hole mothers day spceal with thare mums coming on and chating up random men was prity cool i like rove rip off of shanon noel was a crack up i wish he done more of those and what happend to WHAT THE? bring what the? back that flick the swich is ok i think karry shoud be on more and rove suold keep up ripping of jhon hawid any way i give it 10 out of 10 GATTOKATS REVEWE
  • i love the show it has excellent sketches. the show is hilarious.

    I absolutely love rove live my favourite sketch is what the..........!!!!!!! Rove is hilarious i laugh throughout the whole show. I dont no how people make up such funny things. I hope the show never ends although i wish it started a little early so i dont fall asleep halfway through it.
  • Rove is always funny to watch..

    Rove Live is a weekly Australian television talk show hosted by Rove McManus. A very similar show featured initially on the Nine Network in 1999, under the name Rove, and ran for 10 episodes. However, Nine decided not to renew the program and the cast moved to Network Ten the following year to perform Rove Live.

    In 2004, the show began broadcasting on TV3 in New Zealand. Though carrying the name Rove Live, it is not broadcast live in New Zealand but is generally aired the same week as the Australian broadcast.

    The show usually has at least two guests and a live musical performance. Peter Helliar is the remaining sidekick on the show out of the original three. The other two were, Corinne Grant from 1999 ('Rove') through to 2005 and Dave Callan was also during 1999 and 2000.

    As part of the 2006 re-format a new logo was released (see logo above). The show is sometimes known as Rove [Live] or Rove (Live), possibly owing to the use of (square) brackets around the word 'Live' in an earlier logo
  • Great Show, Funny Host, Great Sketches... What more to you want?????

    I LOVE this show... I really don't understand why people think that it sucks. My personal favorite this season would have to be "Hang Up Don't Hang up"! I LOVE that!!!! And Rove is just a funny guy!!! Pete's great, and the interviews with celebrities are ALOT better than others that you see on other shows... AKA the Today show... Other interveiws are just SO BORING!!!! Rove makes them interesting!!!!
    Alot of people think that Rove is an "Embarresment" to Australians, and that is SO NOT TRUE!!!!! He's just an Aussie Comedian, who is running his own show!!! Whats so bad about that?? One thing I want them to bring back, is "Amazing Talents"!! I LOVE THAT!!!!!
    All in all, GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!
  • Here we go... This guy is awful. Just awful.

    Sorry to all the fans, but this guy is AWFUL! Seriously, most people who are "fans" have probably never seen (or even heard of) great hosts such as Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno. Rove is an embarresment to Australian telivision. Not only is his show completly unoriginal (his 'good' sketches are just rip offs of Jay Leno's Headlines and Jay Walking). He's sketches that he's staff DO think up are awful. This being 2 minutes at your house for example. They follow someone around their house... WOW! Funny stuff Rove. Whats even worse? FLICK YOUR SWITCH! Watching people turn their lights on and off it's entertaining or funny.

    Roves is unfunny and feels the need to make atleast 5 poo jokes a night. Seriously, this show needs to be taken off the air.
  • Karl Rove, maybe

    I never heard of this show but it sounds pretty rank from what I'm reading here. How about one with Karl Rove? Where he's forced to tell the truth and a panel of judges like Valerie Plame and her husband can dunk him into a vat of vomit? That I would watch and even TiVo. I'll bet it would get hire ratings than American Idol even if you aired it on C Span. America is tired or Rove, Bush and their dumb pals, so let's impeach them on Pay Per View and donate the billions to our soldiers in Iraq!
  • Weekly 1 hour Australian comedy variety show hosted by Rove McManus, but with a traditional Tonight Show look. Peter Heliar assumed a side-kick role after the departure of fellow cast members Corinne Grant and Dave Callan. Broadcasts 9:30 Tuesdays.

    Rove McManus is an exceptional hosting talent - warm, enormously confident and with strong comic ability. Unfortunately the format of this show does not match his talents, despite some interesting changes and humorous new segments in 2006 which may have come a little too late given that the program had already run for 5 or so years. McManus should either try a new format, or move the show to an earlier timeslot where he can find the broader audience the show appears to be pitched at - perhaps Saturday at 7:30.
  • One Of The Best Shows To Date

    Where Can I Begin, Rove Live Is One Of The Best Shows I Have Ever Seen. I Think Rove Is Brilliant At What He Does. What The Is Just If Not The Best Segment On The Show It Is One Of The Best Segments, And The Rove Live News Is Hilarious Carrie Is Great At It.

    Rove Live Is Very Different To Your Average Talk Shows, Seriously No Talk Show Host Does Even Half The Stuff Rove Does.
  • A good show but if Pete wasn't on it it wouldn't be that great.

    Rove is a very funny man and no doubt his t.v show is one of the best talkshows ever but sometimes he'll do something that's unfunny and then he'll carry on with it till it just gets on your nerves. Or he'll do the same joke over and over. Come on! lol but apart from that Rove live is pure gold.

    The highlights are anything Pete does and What the?. There's also hang up or don't hang up and most of the other games they play are hilarious. A great show that will have you laughing, (sometimes in stitches if Pete's involved I'm still getting images of his computer in my head with the Orlando Bloom background).

    Great talk show, hope they keep up the good work.
  • the best show, so funny!

    i love this show. it gets better every week. not only does it have celebrities on it, it involves the public. all segments are hilarious and rove and peter are the funniest two people ever. its great to have a good aussie show doing so well. i never miss an episode as i know that i will never be dissapointed. i love the segment with ron, its great that all ages can be involved. i love that rove is so accepting and down to earth. this show is an all time classic and i will be watching it until the day it finishes!
  • Wasting valuable screen time

    I haven't seen many episodes of Rove Live but the quality of the show has definitely decreased in the past few years, Rove's jokes getting lame and even if they are good, the delivering is completely off.

    Peter Helliar is a very funny guy and when he's on the show, it is usually very funny but with Rove, it seems too scripted.

    The guest stars are usually quite good but the interview is ruined with only basic questions being asked.

    Interviewing every Big Brother and Australian Idol contestant is awful since
    a) they aren't famous
    b) they don't have anything interesting to say
    c) the shows are awful

    Overall, this show needs to improve in quality or get off the air so funnier shows can take its place.
  • An aussie actor/comedian is the next oprah...all he's lacking is class, the huge studio, manners and he's a guy. he's just like any other talk shows except his shows are live, unpredictable, clasic and crudely funny.

    Rove Live has often been called the Australian version of The Late Show with David Letterman. However every American guest on this late night live TV show tends to say Rove is much better than Letterman! Having watched a lot of Letterman as well as Rove I have to agree.

    Rove has an energy and organised spontaneity to him that Letterman lacks. Rove is young (just entered his 30's) and has tended to lead the way in trends and comedy in Australia. He'll be politically incorrect, but never cruel or nasty, nor does he embarrass his guests. He saves that for his constant co-stars, Corinne Grant and Peter Hellier. He has been accepted by virtually every stratum of Australian society, from teenagers to the highest people in the music and film industry.

    Rove Live is now a 'must visit' for any overseas visitor who wishes to plug their movie, band, album, TV show or themselves. The majority of Australia either watch it or know about it the next day from someone who did. The guest is also guaranteed a laugh and something a bit unexpected.

    Rove's popularity has been reflected in the Gold Logies he has been awarded. Logies are Australia's Golden Globes, and the Gold Logie the highest single award.

    Every show includes laughter, jokes, unexpected events (such as random attacks by flying monkeys or a pancake fight between Rove and the live audience), several guests, usually including an international guest, musical acts and comedy skits. Something for everyone.

  • Best talk show eva!

    I love Rove Live it is an hilarious, out there and original show, nothing like any other talk show I\'ve ever seen.

    It's different to other talk shows cause of all the mad segments like 'What the', '2 minutes at your house','My Charader' and their radio segments are always heaps funny!

    This show has an out there kinda humour though however, that you just have to like for you to enjoy this show. It took awhile but eventually this show grew on me and now I luv it!

    It is a talk show like no other! (I mean, how many talk shows have you seen hosted in the backyard of a viewers house, really?)
  • Recapturing its Youth...

    Rove Live has definately recapured it youth with its first episode for 2006.
    After the repitive years of 04 and 05, Rove has totally re-developed the show to something dynamic and new that I havent even seen on US tv.
    The old favourite "What The...??" and the In House band are definately not brand new ideas, but they keep the vibe of the show going.
    An exceptional idea is The Unlucky Audience Member, who is blown up.
    One thing we dont want to see is the same segments every week. I love What The... but, things like, "A Quiet Moment with..." (the backstreet boys this week) need to be changed. That way it doesnt become repetitive and boring. The audience has certainly become more intereactive as well.
    The stand out performance was the beginning of the show. Starting out with a song that parodies something Bert Newton would do was hilarious. And you cant go wrong by paying out New Zealand.
    Sandra Sully also made an appearance at the beginning as part of the sketches.. And everyone loves that Late News Host.
    Rove has definately re-structured itself (i think i can see remanents of the GMA set) but it is certainly for the better.
  • Getting Lame

    I've never thought that Rove was funny, when he makes a bad joke (quite frequently) he follows it up with another lame joke where he makes fun of himself. The audience laughs, but you can tell that its a bit of a sympathetic laugh or a consolation laugh!
    When he interviews someone, he reminds me of Oprah. Hes not really getting into the interview, hes just asking the questions they want to hear. (easy questions) Theres nothing controversial, its just "so I hear you have a new movie" and other crap like that!

    Peter Helliar has his moments, but I cringe every time I see Rove attempt a joke. (he just isn't funny) I'm baffled at how he's won all those Logies!
  • Rove McManus hosts a hilarious talk show.

    Rove Live is one of the funniest talk shows ever. Not only does he have the A list celebrities but he is a comedy genius. He has managed to stay on the air for over 5 years and even though his show airs at the late spot of 9:30, millions of people watch his show every week, a tremendous effort for late prime time t.v. Rove and hsi friends Peter Heliar and Corrinne Grant make it one of the most hilarious shows you'll ever see. If you haven't seen it tune in and start laughing.
    My Rating: Pure Aussie Goodness!
  • Rove Live has past its prime with segments becoming stail and harder to watch. Rove continually makes mistakes and his recovery has become more and more annoying. There's just so many times that you can hear him stutter and stumble without changing the ch

    In the first few years of the show I was a big fan and enjoyed many of the segments. I was watching when the show had four main members - Rove, Corinne, Pete and the forgotten Dave (star of words that sound better when said by Dave). I didn't like Daves segments, but I found the show was fresher and more enjoyable throughout.

    In the first few seasons Rove's habits weren't as obvious and his segments were fresher and not as monotonous. But, over the last few years his habits and stutters and stumbles are now used by Rove to get a cheap laugh from the audience when has nothing worthwhile to say.

    Rove often takes over the interviews and leaves the guest with very little to say, he never asks hard hitting questions and the questions he often asks are more based on what the marketing department would like to know.

    Peter Helliar has become a high point of the show with his comedic ability maturing and coming of age. Peter since Rove Live has performed sell out tours across Australia and has moved onto many more hosting gigs.

    Unfortunately, Rove, unlike Peter has not matured in his comedy and has become more of an annoyance than a treat. The shows format has stayed the same throughout and the segments have been allowed to become old. The "what the???" segment has become so boring that viewers expect its catch cry.

    The good thing for Rove is that he is the only commercial late night show host in Australia and therefore has little competition. If there was competition we would see this show axed sooner rather than later, but Ten will be flogging this horse for a few more years I would imagine.

    Unfortunately, I don't think Rove is the one to bring Australia's television back up the hill it's going down.
  • WHAT THE? - I love it when Rove does the music videos!

    Rove McManus is a very cleaver person to come up with a show like this and with Pete as a side kick the show is bound the be successful.
    I love it when he does the music videos (Shannon Noel was a classic) and he should do them more often.
    I can never wait to see what will be on next week!
  • Weekly Show, the funny, entertaining and very enjoyable, with a great variety of celebrity guest national and international.

    What can i say about Rove live? Its a great show, its refreshing to see some good Aussie humour. I love Rove and Pete and not forgetting Corine and Ron.
    Rove makes every guest feel comfortable and relaxed enough to open up and be themselves.
    some personally memborable guests would have to be Will Smith and Matt Damon, but there are many to chose from.
    Its hilaiour when he does the music video clips i love the latest robbie williams one!
    Roving with Rove is also another classic segment where Rove is able to get people to laugh.
    Rove deserves all the Logies he wins, Keep up the good work