Rove Live

Season 5 Episode 32

September 21, 2004

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 21, 2004 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

Rove strarted the show with his usual monolouge, talking about Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York). Rove then interviewed Darren Casey. He then went to a live listers house and gave her the new Nick Cave CD and concert tickets to his show in London. After the break, Rove then interviewed Margaret Pommeranche and David Straddon. He then re-extended the 'hand of friendship' to John Howard to come on the show. He went to Kirribilli House(JH's place of residence) and knocked on the door (or tried). The Red Army Choir then performed a 'Dance Ensemble' to lead us into the break. After the break, Sandra Sully, Australian news reader, participated in 'All That Glitters', the only radio serial made for TV. After the break, Rove launched 'national free sauce week' because he is sick of paying 10 cents extra for tomato sauce. The next contestant kicked out of Australian Idol, Amali Ward, was Rove's next victim. After the break, Rove showed us the next calender entries for September, 'cheese month'. Nathan 'Marty' Martin and Jess Hardy, now Martin as she recently married Marty, were interviewed by Rove next. The Red Army Choir did their final song for the night, the Chicken Dance. After the break, Rove then told us who is on the show next week and then The Living End sung a medley of their greatest hits to end the show. As Rove says, "Say hi to your mum for me, Goodnight".