Rove Live

Season 5 Episode 33

September 28, 2004

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 2004 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

Rove started the show with his monolouge (about Britany Spears' and Kevin Fedeline's marriage). Rove interviewed Australian Idol Guy Sebastian first. Rove then showed us people with AMAZING TALENTS!!. After the Break, Rove talked to Peter Hellier and Corrine Grant about the new ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast called "The Claw". He wants to get some people from the general public to ride it at 10:30 at night nude. He then Re-re-extended the 'hand of friendship' to John Howard. The Umbilical Brothers were the comedic guest for the night. The broke a vase. After the break, Rove did the What The...? for the night. Someone sent in cheese flavoured lip balm. Emelia Rusciano, the newest Aussie Idol reject, talked about her journey through the show. After the break, Rove interviewed Sean Astin who was talking about his new book, There and Back Again, and his new TV Mini-Series Hercules. After the Break, the voice of Miss Piggy and more famously, Yoda, Frank Oz talked about the Star Wars DVD. Rove then told us who is on the show next week and then Grinspoon performed their hit "Hard Act To Follow".